Rossignol X Color Tour


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Rossignol X Color Tour is an amazing ski adventure, suitable for everyone, no matter the skiing abilities. Teams have to search the colored X, scattered in the whole ski carousel on the ski slopes. Each participant receive a special white coverall, perfect to get dirty. Everyone has to reach all the color stations located on the slopes in order to win the prizes offered by the sponsors.

ONLY ONE RULE: Team members have to reach the finish line and to follow the rules. FUN ALWAYS WINS!

• Teams are composed by 2-5 people (minimum age to participate: 5 years old; minors have to be accompanied by an adult)
• Teams have to pay 5 euro per participant
• To participate the enrollment has to be completed before the beginning of the event, all the  details about the participants have to be provided
• Each participant will receive a color-resistant TNT jacket that must to be worn (the organization will not be responsible of damages if the jacket is not correctly worn). The number of the team is written on it.
• The leader of each team will receive the map of the color stations that have to be found in the ski area
• The team has to remain united throughout the entire itinerary: all the members of the team have to reach each color station
• It is fundamental to behave appropriately and to respect the slopes and the environment
• Every color station is well visible and recognizable thanks to the X Color Flag, there are no off-piste or dangerous routes
• The start of the X Color is in group at the sound of a bell
• The color stations need to be found following this order: BLUE, ORANGE, RED, FUXIA, YELLOW AND GREEN
• When the color station is found, a colorful cross will be painted on the jacket and on the face of the participant
• The first team to reach each color station will receive 6 bonus points, one for each station
• Mister X is the supervisor of the race, he/she will check the behavior of the participants and those who do not respect the rules and the “Decalogo dello Sciatore” will be disqualified
• Main reasons of disqualification: speeding, non-respect of the queue at the ski-lifts, non-observance of the rules at the crossroads
• The winner team will be the first one finishing the itinerary and ringing the bell after an easy slalom before the finish line. Each team have to get past the finish line together.
• The award ceremony will take place at the end of the event
• The organization declines any responsibility in case of damages to things or people, before, during and after the event.
• Despite the  non-competitive nature of the event, the participants declare to be in compliance with the medical certifications

Fun and team spirit will be the real winners of the race!

5.00€ per person will be allocated to charity

Enrollment on:


APT Alpe Cimbra
Tel. 0464 724100

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