Stories of Trentino life

It’s in our nature

This is the Trentino that’s in our blood, the Trentino we live in, treasure and imagine. Looking after our home, which is also yours. Being aware of the beauty we’ve been entrusted with. Doing things at a human pace, for everyone’s benefit. Embracing each new member of our community, whether temporary or permanent.

We have stories that began here among us and stories formed from chance encounters on paths and tracks in the peaks. Passions that have become raisons d’être. Desires imagined then lived. Journeys transformed into lifelong projects.

We are relationships; we are the landscape. We are the mountains, where rock meets sky; we are altitudes and latitudes; we are custodians of diversity, memories, intertwining lives. Let us tell you stories that belong to us and excite us, that have built destinies and reached wholly unexpected destinations. Then come and add your story too.

Dar Balt. The woods


The windy lake


The mountaintop house