Trentino is not just the name of our land: it’s the word we use to define ourselves. It conjures up images of mountain peaks, lakes, rivers and woods. It embodies all the open spaces we spend our lives in, making us who we are. It becomes easier to understand when you listen to the stories of those who live here. People like Vasco and Nicolò Renna, a father and son who have always lived on the shores of Lake Garda.

 For them, windsurfing is everything in life, and they ride the waves of Lake Garda both for work and as their passion. Vasco is a windsurfing champion in Torbole, while Nicolò is a European champion.

The wind is their engine, powering them through the water whatever the season. But when autumn comes around, the atmosphere at the lake changes. Windsurfing becomes a more solitary experience, alone in middle of the lake: freer, more human.

Breathe, you're in Trentino

From September in Trentino