A romantic lakeshore getaway

We recommend 5 lakes for a sweet autumn weekend

AUTUMN - What could be more romantic than a walk by the lake in autumn? When its banks are set ablaze by the warm foliage colours and in the crisp air you hear only the chirping of birds and the rustle of dry leaves that scatter about like a yellow, red and orange carpet. Wonderful landscapes, for moments to remember.

In Trentino, there are almost 300 lakes, but we have chosen 5 of them that are easy to reach, and which, in autumn, become the ideal destination for a romantic getaway.


Lake Toblino

It is certainly the most romantic lake in Trentino, with its elegant Renaissance castle that extends into its waters, framed by woods that seem painted by an Impressionist master. Beautiful in all seasons, in autumn it becomes wonderful. Note: the castle houses an elegant restaurant, perfect for a romantic dinner.


Lake Levico 

A lake surrounded by woods and an elegant village, a reference point for the well-being of the nobles of the Habsburg family who bequeathed the Parco delle Terme di Levico with its Art Nouveau building. Lake Levico is ideal for regenerating, between a walk on the shores of the lake and a massage in its famous spa.


Lake Tovel

You probably already know this lake: an aqua green pearl immersed in the woods, with the Brenta Dolomites as a backdrop. The dream of every nature lover! This lake is located in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park, for this reason, to access it by car, we recommend that you look for info on the park website. Once you arrive at your destination, it will be love at first sight!


Lake Tenno

A turquoise lake, with a green island in the centre, which at certain times of the year becomes a peninsula that you can reach on foot. All this at the foot of one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, with its narrow stone streets and geraniums in the windows of houses. Is there anything more romantic? We are talking about Lake Tenno, a short distance from the famous Lake Garda. A pearl to discover!


Lake Garda

We could not forget Lake Garda, with the beautiful towns of Torbole and Riva del Garda, overlooking the lake. Do you want the formula for a perfect evening? Walk in the narrow streets of Riva, enjoy an aperitif with a view from the rampart, and a dinner lakeside, perhaps accompanied by a glass of Trentodoc. What do you say?

Published on 24/07/2023