We want to show you Trentino in a slightly different light, through the senses and words of those who live here year round. Like Luca Zotti, a mountain chef at Lusernarhof, who knows every sound and scent there is to be found in the woods.  The woods or, as Luca would call them, “Dar Balt”, were once his playground: now, they have become his pantry.

It is into the woods that Luca goes to gather mushrooms, roots, or flour from the bark of the larch tree, one of the more unusual ingredients he uses in his culinary creations. And it is in autumn that the woods have the most to share, rich with the heady scent of mushrooms, or “sbam”, as they are called here.

Because here, in this isolated corner of the mountains, they still speak an ancient language handed down through the generations like a prized heirloom.

Breathe, you're in Trentino

From September in Trentino