From farm to fork: a guide to autumn harvest

For those who seek experiences more than holidays

"Autumn is like a second spring when every leaf is a flower".
These simple words of Albert Camus evoke perfectly the beauty of this season. Autumn is a new humble beginning, in some ways, very much like spring. If we could change the conventional start of the year, perhaps September could be the perfect beginning, when - on the back of the summer holidays - we return to our activities rejuvenated and full of exciting projects.

Nature follows the same rhythm: fields and orchards nourished by the warmth of the sun and by the quenching summer showers, return to bloom in autumn bearing gifts. The simple fruits of the land are the very core of Trentino’s agricultural scene. This little province, that spreads from Lake Garda to the Dolomites, reaps the rewards at the end of each summer: grapes, olives, corn and apples are just a sample of the local production.

The woodland, as well, offers its own precious bounty whilst glowing with a cornucopia of colours: mushrooms spring from the ground and rich brown chestnuts peep through their prickly shells.

If you, like us, are excited about the start of the harvesting season and wish to taste all its flavours, read through our guide to discover all the harvesting events and activities held around the region. Learn about the history of each produce and the stories behind those who have dedicated their whole life to the care and conservation of these local treasures.


Harvest time

There are over 9,000 hectares of vineyards in Trentino and, for many businesses and families, harvesting is a time of hard work, but also of meeting and sharing. Breathe in some of this productive and thriving atmosphere thanks to an experience promoted by Piana Rotaliana that will let you enjoy an active day immersed in the countryside and the lively local life.


Keep your eyes peeled

Walking on carpets made of larch needles and chestnut tree leaves, with your eyes peeled and that unmistakeable scent... It is quite the challenge to find mushrooms, but it provides great satisfaction! Especially if you can savour them with a nice risotto or paired with polenta! Of course, they must be chosen carefully and only after showing them to experts in the mycological counter.


Let’s “coir”!

In Val di Non, you can immerse yourself in the autumn atmosphere dedicated to apples! The experience, prepared by Melinda and the farmsteads, will enable you to stroll among the orchards, learning to recognise apple varieties and their characteristics and take part in harvesting, which here is called “coidura”.


Yellow, red, chestnut!

The Brentonico area is brimming with historic chestnut groves, which take on bright colours this time of year and offer generous shiny fruits such as the Castione chestnuts. This is one of the best areas to discover the goodness contained in the spiky husks, thanks also to the local companies that promote their harvesting and processing into many products.


The northernmost olives

Autumn is enriched by another marvellous fruit in Trentino. Starting from September, the olives that grow along the northern bank of Lake Garda decorate the trees like pearls. This is where the northernmost extra virgin olive oil in the world is produced. You will get the chance to discover its extraordinary benefits and fruity flavour.

Published on 06/09/2022