Müller-Thurgau, the highland wine

Discover a high-altitude wine in Val di Cembra


Did you know that you can visit some of Europe’s highest wineries and vineyards in Trentino? Most of them are found in Valle di Cembra, one of the five wine-growing regions in the province of Trento. This is the birthplace of Müller-Thurgau, the “highlander” of Trentino’s wine varieties.

Join us on a tour of our mountain wineries, to sample wines whose incredible fragrance is due to a cool climate that enhances the bouquet. Here, you’ll meet genuine hospitality, where actions speak louder than words, like the generous offerings of raw-milk cheese or speck whose unique flavours will enhance your tasting experience.

Val di Cembra - Vigneti

Dry stone walls and heroic winegrowers in Valle di Cembra

Head north from the city of Trento towards Lavis. From here, you’ll take the road that leads to Valle di Fiemme. After a few twists and turns, the scene that spreads itself out before you will take your breath away: a vast expanse of terraced vineyards, stretching as far as the eye can see. Just try to picture the growers who tend them. They must have the strength of true mountain folk!

The vineyards here are planted at altitudes that start at 250 metres in the first settlement, Mosana, climbing as high as 1,000 metres in Faver.  Now you can understand why the work of winegrowers in Cembra is considered heroic viticulture!

You’re in the realm of Müller-Thurgau, king of the aperitif and light summer dishes. It’s a wine that holds many secrets, starting with its origins, which are shrouded in mystery. What we know for certain is that it was created in 1882 by Swiss professor Hermann Müller, who crossed a Riesling from the Rhine area with a Madeleine Royal.

Meanwhile, we simply like to enjoy it at wineries alongside the producers themselves, and we invite you to join us in a glass.

Enoturismo: in Val di Cembra alla scoperta del Müller Thurgau

Among the wineries of Cembra

Spending a day in this valley’s wineries (or caneve) is like opening a time capsule of agricultural architecture in the mountains More than 700 km of dry stone walls support the centuries-old terraced vineyards, at gradients of over 40%.

The entire area is south-east-facing, the best possible exposure, while the porphyritic soil is ideal for what is known as the “minerality” of the wine. Remember that the sun-soaked slopes of the mountain have been used for wine-growing since the time of the Etruscans, and no wonder. The land here is healthy, while the contrast of cool nights and hot days enhances the fragrance of the grapes.

Winegrowers often have their caneve tucked away in cellars below town houses. Here, you’ll be immersed in an authentic and hard-working way of life, a rare example of a passion shared by every generation, handed down from grandparents to grandchildren.

Begin your journey of discovery in Verla di Giovo, with a visit to Villa Corniole, owned by the Nardin family. This female-led company produces excellent, world-renowned wines which you can enjoy right here in their stunning and well-appointed winery, choosing between a wide variety of tasting experiences and events.

Fancy trying a grappa from the Müller variety? In the little town of Giovo you’ll find Maso Belvedere, home of the Devigili Elio winery. Here, the winegrower cultivates just two hectares but boasts one of the oldest batch stills used to distil pomace for their centuries-old tradition of grappa production, as well as an acclaimed range of natural cosmetics using grape products.

Enoturismo: in Val di Cembra alla scoperta del Müller Thurgau

We turn now to Cembra, the thriving, beating heart of the valley. Here, there’s no shortage of opportunities to visit some of Trentino’s most award-winning wineries: Cembra Cantine di Montagna is perched at the highest altitude of any cooperative winery in Trentino, where it offers an unbeatable example of hospitality as well as wine production, with a visitor experience and shop that leaves nothing to be desired.

In the historic Carraia district, you can visit the Nicolodi Alfio winery, whose determined and dedicated winegrower not only produces Müller-Thurgau but also devotes immense efforts to reintroducing the valley’s forgotten historic varieties, like Lagarino. 

Next up is Lisignago, where you won’t want to miss the opportunity for an unforgettable tasting experience at Corvée, the winery that flies the flag for Müller-Thurgau around the world.

Valle di Cembra and its famous Müller wines are waiting to welcome you, but remember to book in advance. Our winegrowers love to be able devote their full attention to every visitor that comes through the gates of their fascinating mountain wineries!

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Published on 09/02/2024