The Chestnut Festival to welcome autumn

Woodland walks, tastings and artisan workshops

The fragrant smell of roasted chestnuts is simply inimitable. Hot, charcoaled and aromatic, a whiff of these delicious golden nuggets in a pod is synonymous of the beginning of the colder season. Autumn is the best time to enjoy roasted chestnuts, best paired with a glass of young wine or must, after a stroll through the centuries-old chestnut woods or at the local markets, where you can find all sort of chestnut-based products. Town squares and galleries come to life with artisans’ stalls and restaurants create autumn-inspired menus with one big protagonist on the table: the chestnut.

In Parco Naturale del Monte Baldo, you can take a hike among the chestnut trees that produce the Marroni di Castione, a top-quality produce with inimitable flavour.

Discover where and when!

Castione Chestnut Festival

In Castione di Brentonico, the last weekend of October is not to be missed for all lovers of the season of colours. Chestnuts are the symbol of Monte Baldo and of this Alpine village in the heart of the centuries-old chestnut trees of its Natural Park. Two days of games, music, culture, cuisine and lots of steaming roasted chestnuts.

Roncegno Terme Chestnut Festival

The last weekend of October in Roncegno, in Valsugana, a festive event that has now reached its 43rd edition. Walks among chestnut trees and in the Parco delle Terme, music, parades, games, theater and themed menus in farmhouses and restaurants.

Published on 09/02/2024