Autumn gastronomic events

Get to know the most genuine side of Trentino

AUTUMN 2022 - Every season has its charm. Autumn, for example, has the bright colours of nature changing and many different flavours to try. The best way to do so is to flip through the rich programme of initiatives between September and November that fill the city and town squares with life, among the fields and palaces.

Harvesting moves forward in the vineyards and is even over in some cases, while tasty apples are still being picked in the apple orchards and chestnuts glisten as they emerge from their husks. In the meantime, the small towns and hillsides come alive with festivals where seasonal products take on a leading role and are prepared according to tradition — food and wine specialities from a territory that renews its connection with the land and nature every year.

If you are looking for a weekend of good food, we have prepared a selection of events you will not want to miss. Discover them all and treat yourself.


What better part of the year to celebrate wine? When harvesting is underway, and in many cases over, when grapes start to be processed, when the year of hard work in the fields is over, there is no shortage of festivals and tastings in Trentino! Here we have collected many occasions to raise your glass.


The 15th and 16th October will not just be the occasion to celebrate apples and the products made with Val di Non apples, it will be an actual celebration to thank the land, lauding Pomona, the Roman Goddess of Plenty. Everyone is invited to revel in the amazing experiences and feast on the products. 

Open oil mills

Together with grapes, olives also mark the coming of autumn. The fruits grow, and harvesting starts, which is hard work but also an occasion to gather and chat in the open air. And while daylight takes on golden hues, the mills start to press, and liquid gold starts flowing once again — the oil of Garda. Discover the work in our mills.

Harvesting chestnuts

Among all seasonal fruits, chestnuts are maybe the most fun, so inviting and shiny, with a strong aroma whether raw or cooked. Once free from their spiky husks, they are ready to enrich autumnal dishes and become the absolute star of many festivals. Let us tell you where.

Sagra della Ciuiga

A festival to celebrate the famous cured meat, a Slow Food product whose ingredients and slow preparation and curing are the secret to the knowledge and tradition of the Banale plateau. And what better place to do so than in the lovely town of San Lorenzo, made even more fascinating by its cheerfulness.

Published on 29/09/2022