Autumn festivals and fairs

Top gastronomic events to discover Trentino

Each season has its own splendour: autumn offers a vibrant carnival of colours, ever-changing natural sceneries, the smell of chestnuts and the rich flavours of wine and apples. This seasonal beauty takes centre stage at the many festivals and fairs that, from September to November, bring Trentino to life.

Grape harvesting is in full swing with big anticipation for the new vintage. Apple growers respond with equal excitement, ready to pick the fruit that made Trentino famous all over the world. Meanwhile, valleys and villages prepare for an exciting season of festivals ahead. Authentic flavours, rural traditions and artisan knowledge are at the heart of these celebrations that renew the bond between the land and nature.

If you are looking for an autumn break in the mountains that combines relaxation and authentic gastronomic pleasures, here’s our guide to the top events you simply can’t miss.

Grape and Wine Festivals – September and October

September is synonymous of grape harvesting and there’s no better excuse to celebrate with a glass of wine at the many fairs and tastings held around the region, like the one dedicated to the local red Marzemino, or the jovial festival of “Vino and Dintorni” in Avio, “Festa dell’Uva” in Verla di Giovo, and the theme festival “Alla scoperta del Teroldego” in the Piana Rotaliana.


Le Desmontegade, September and October

In September across the whole of Trentino, herds and flocks return from the alpine graze. It’s a joyful tradition that celebrates animals and alpine life with music, colours and the authentic charisma of the locals. Farm animals, decorated with flowers and wild herbs, stroll through towns while farmers conduct a wonderfully animated show. 


Gastronomic bike tours, Alpe Cimbra- September

A unique holiday programme filled with activities and delicious tastings. Two-day mtb tours inclusive of foodie stop-overs in the Alpe Cimbra, a big favourite with lovers of the two-wheels. Along the route, you can taste the best of local produce: honey, alpine cheese, strudel and other specialities prepared especially for riders.


Polenta Festival, Storo, 29th -30th September

In September, Storo hosts a unique competition that sees local polentieri (polenta makers) from Valle del Chiese “battling” each other to the last whisk. Star of the show is, of course, la polenta prepared with traditional methods: carbonera - hearty and rich in flavour, di patate - simple and delicate, macafana - a flavoursome staple, cucia - a farm style polenta enriched with alpine butter and cheese.


Chestnut Festivals - October

From Altopiano di Brentonico to the Valsugana and Val di Cembra, there are many festivals held across the region that celebrate the autumnal bounty, like roasted chestnuts. This small fragrant fruit is a reminder of life’s simple pleasures like fresh mountain air, woodland walks, the company of friends, good food and wine.


“Pomaria” Apple Festival in Val di Non - Cles 13th – 14th October

A festival in honour of Pomona, the ancient goddess protector of orchards and apples, symbol of the Val di Non. With tasting tours, workshops and cooking classes, food & wine stalls featuring the Strada della Mela growers, plus orchards walks and excursions, you can experience in full the apple picking season.


Autumn flavours, Altopiano di Brentonico, 13th-14th October

Coming up to its third edition, “Arti, Mestieri e Sapori d’Autunno” is a fair dedicated to agriculture and local artisan craft held in the Altopiano di Brentonico on 13th-14th October. Come and discover more about two industries that are Trentino’s heart and soul.


A taste of Garda, 2 - 4 novembre

A unique event that gathers in one place the best produce of the Upper Garda area: from the local cured meat carne salada -leitmotiv of the festival - to the extra virgin olive oil. De.Co producers will share their staple recipes with a modern and experimental approach. Plus, theme workshops, cooking classes and special guests that will animate this foodie event.