Autumnal colours and flavours in Trentino

Seasonal recipes to delight your eyes and palate

Yellow, orange, red and brown: these are the colours of the woods and mountain slopes, where larches and chestnut trees take on dazzling arrays of shades in autumn. They are the colour rendering of nature’s first sleepy yawn, while it stretches out before its long winter rest.

However, they are also the nuances of many dishes that are cooked with seasonal ingredients. These warm colours, besides signalling the presence vitamins and proto-vitamins, such as beta Carotenes, for example, seem to have trapped the sun of the summer that has just ended and, together with it, the fragrances of the land which has been invigorated and quenched by thunderstorms, as well as of aromatic herbs, moss and the forests.

We have selected for you some dishes that you can prepare, without great difficulty, in your own kitchen, delighting the eyes and palate of your guests and thinking about the mountains in Trentino, before returning there physically or planning your next holiday, maybe already in autumn! Many of the products we point out can be found even outside the region but, if you need some advice or want to buy some particular product, take a look at this page.

Brightly coloured and strongly flavoured

Her majesty the pumpkin

Due to its versatility, pumpkin is one of the main ingredients of autumn cuisine and throughout Italian culinary tradition. From starters to desserts, pumpkin is perfect for every course! Its firm flesh and nutritional properties are excellent elements that are appreciated by every chef.

That’s why we have collected some recipes from all over Trentino for you, creating new combinations between the local products and the autumn orange queen.


How can you think of an autumn dish without thinking of the unmistakable aroma of mushrooms?
Nothing like mushrooms bring the strong, varied scents of the woods and the undergrowth to every dish. Here are some ideas for flavoursome, appetizing dishes, which are never too difficult and bring a touch of Trentino to your meal.

Be careful though: if you are on holiday in Trentino and want to pick the mushrooms required for these dishes yourself, inquire about regulations on mushroom picking and the quantity and types of mushrooms you can pick.

In Trentino there are many free mycology laboratories in the territory. You can request information from tourist offices and by reading this article you can find out more details.

Mushroom cleaning - What to eat in Trentino in the autumn


Thinking about the shiny marroni, large chestnuts that are jealously guarded in their burs, immediately brings to mind the idea of abundance: the glistening tight skin of the chestnuts looks as if they are about to pop out of a casket. Not to mention the chestnut woods: in Trentino many of them are of historical importance because the wood was used in agriculture and craftwork. Many others have been planted to enhance their main product, the edible and nutritious fruit.

Like pumpkin, chestnuts can be used in an endless variety of ways in cooking, but here you will find our recommendations for finishing your meal with a delicious dessert.

Published on 18/07/2022