Wayfarers of Flavour

The colours and aromas of Trentino from art and history to nature, food and wine

You love nature, you treat it with care, you live and breathe it whenever you can. You travel around freely, building your holiday day by day, experience by experience. You’re inspired by the authentic not the typical. You enjoy the journey, the landscapes and the encounters along the way, in no hurry to get to the end.

You believe that walking, slowly, is the best way to appreciate the world. That the important thing isn’t finding new sights but taking time to see them with new eyes. You feed off flavours, fragrances and colours, seeking them out and feeling the excitement of a pleasure that renews at each new taste.

You’ve come to the right place.

To the Flavour Trails of Trentino.

Savouring the flavours along the way

From July to October, we have three foodie pilgrimages for you to follow – the Apple Way in the Valli del Noce, the Cheese Way among the Dolomite peaks, and the Wine Way among our lakes and age-old tracks. Pick one that appeals and that fits with the time you have available. Then grab your rucksack, put your best foot forward, and follow the clues that we’ve sprinkled along the way, as you map out your own gourmet trail.

Be a Wayfarer of Flavour by:

  • walking for at least two days, taking your time and keeping it slow
  • covering at most 20 km from dawn to dusk
  • visiting a food producer every day or choosing one of our stop-offs for a meal or to collect your packed lunch.

Along the Ways, you’ll find ideas for where to overnight, fun things to do or cultural happenings you might like. The routes are geo-mapped with a detailed description of each stage; some even feature a podcast you can download with a QR code. Because true wayfarers never walk alone …

Let the journey begin!

Before your Route, verify that the indicated facilities are open.



Valli di Non e Sole apple and food & wine Route

Woodlands and orchards, alpine lakes and streams, and of course farmed fields, manor houses, castles, malghe (dairy farms) and breathtaking viewpoints high above the valley. Autumn is the perfect season to enjoy the blooming fragrance of apples ripe for the picking: Golden Delicious, Renetta and Red Delicious. As you follow the apple Route, don't miss the range of excellent apple products – juices, ciders and vinegars – and then there are the craft beers, mortandela and speck, malga cheeses and Groppello wine.


Dolomites cheese Route

Enjoy the Alpenglow on the Pale di San Martino massif, the vividly starry skies at high altitude, the colours and sounds of the Val di Fiemme woods, the mountain pastures and then the masi farmsteads to watch the milking process. And then there's the magic of waking up in a tree house before having a Kneipp thermal bath or an adventure in the Val di Fassa heartland of Ladin culture. Along the way, treat yourself to a Cheese Experience – maybe a Puzzone di Moena DOP, and then the dumpling-like canederli and spätzle, also available to go. Travel light and don't forget your hiking boots and snowshoes.


Trentino wine and food Route

The Brenta Dolomites, vineyards and lakes, lakes, and even more lakes from Ledro to Garda to Valsugana. A Routesteeped in 2000 years of history, a melting pot of travellers and miners – you’ll know it by the friendly smiles of its people. TrentodocTeroldego Rotaliano, Müller Thurgau, Marzemino, Nosiola and Vino Santo... and then the cheeses, cured meats, fish products, corn, extra virgin olive oil, honey, beer, fruit and vegetables. You can also opt to walk with a mid-mountain guide.

Published on 19/01/2024