Dawns by huts in Mount Baldo Park

Cheesemaker for a day by Mortigola farm

Wake up at dawn to milk cows and watch the production of yoghurt, butter and cheese. Then everybody in the hut to have a big and healthy breakfast!
"Dawns in huts " came back also this summer in Mount Baldo Park! That's the program of the day:
  • 6.00 am – Let's meet by hut! The place is easy to reach, but with some pleasant surprises. Despite being close to the, it is an enchanted place, where you can hear cow-bells and observe the animals pasturing in the meadows.
  • 6.30 am –together  with Leonardo, (farmer and hut's owner), we will gather the cows … 1..2..3 .. here they are ready to be milked!
  • 7.00 am – and now … let's  milk the cows : clean up the barn, the more we are, the faster and easier it will be!
  • 8.30 – Leonardo’s start with the cheese processing: we switch on the boiler to make the milk reach the right temperature.
  • 9.00 – Marina (Leonardo's wife) invites us for a great breakfast, sweet, salty, and above all healthy: since last year the hut is ORGNIC certified for every product and processing.
  • 9.30 – What about the previous milk? Ready to be curdled? If we are lucky, in the meantime, Valerio (Leonardo’s father) could tell us something about memories of the past. Not far from the hut there is the "Museum of Malga Mortigola" with some original instruments from the beginning  of 20th century.
  • 10.30 – Together with Nicola (our local guide) we will walk  discovering many things about Mount Baldo Park, its history and its rare flowers., fallowing the "Path of Cow Pasture"!
Some more suggestions for sunny days:
  • walk up to Mount Altissimo to enjoy the amazing view on Lake Garda and throughout the Brentonico Plateau
  • Visit to Palazzo Eccheli Baisi – with its Botanical Garden and Fossil Museum.
  • Excursion to the natural reserve Bes – Corna Piana, to admire the uniqueness of the flora of Monte Baldo, known as "Europe's Garden".
  • Family Adventure Park – It  is an area with acrobatic- and nature-trail,  miniature golf, picnic area and little amusement park for children.
  • Visit to "Zeni" Mill , an old mill that's still working
You want to enjoy  "Monte Baldo Park" for a whole weekend? Discover our special offer!

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