The joy of nordic walking

Pick up your sticks to get fit and feel in touch with nature

Getting out in the countryside is good for the heart. It gets the blood going around and tones the muscles. It helps you lose weight and stay trim. It improves your stamina and gives your immune system a boost. And it’s a fun, sociable pastime that banishes stress and works wonders for your all-round health!

Too good to be true? Quite the contrary: Nordic walking is a great way to keep active. You use special poles to work your arms as well as your legs in a coordinated effort that offers great benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing.

You can do it all year round, whatever your age. You can walk on your own or with friends, in serene silence or while having a chat, for a few hours or a whole day.

Never tried? Then it’s high time! A qualified instructor can help you learn the right technique. (Your nearest tourist office can point you in the right direction.) But if you already know what you’re doing, here are 5 lovely routes in Trentino to work the legs and stir the soul.



A tour of the trenches

This relaxed, easy loop is ideal for newbies. There are plenty of signs to show you how to practise Nordic walking and hone your technique amid open meadows and sweeping views. You start and finish at Millegrobbe farm, a restaurant and mountain resort. This area was on the front line during World War I, and signs of the bitter battles can still be seen, with the recently restored network of trenches.


Lake Andalo

This ring around the little lake is a treat in spring, when the snow melts and the waterside greenery starts growing again. It’s perfect for novices: straightforward, all on the level and not too long. Be inspired by the view and put your best foot forward!


Arboreto Tour – Valsugana

This route consists of a 2 km loop on a dirt road, to be taken with Nordic walking poles. It's a great way to stay in shape and learn to recognise the various plants and natural environments that enrich the Tesino Plateau, making it a place that’s known for the biodiversity of its flora.


The Brocon way

The walk begins up the incline to the village of Cavareno in the Val di Non. Then you dive into the woods and emerge on a ridge with views of Mount Roen and the Brenta group in the distance. You can get all the information you need to practise Nordic walking along the way. Distance: 3.5 km (2.2 miles). Total climb: 73 metres. Difficulty: medium.


Salton bridge

This is the longest and most challenging itinerary in Lagorai Nordic Walking Park. With over 11 km (7 miles) to cover, 226 metres uphill and 540 down, the path runs through a magnificent spruce forest. From Salton bridge (altitude: 1067 metres) in the Val Calamento, to reach Musiera plateau (1400 m) and enjoy its marvellous views, there’s about 1 km to walk on the main road. Difficulty: medium.

Published on 06/06/2023