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Reclaim your time!

4 ways to get back to a more natural pace of living

Slow down. Turn off your phone for a few days and realign your rhythms with the sun. Fill your lungs with the aromas of the woods and the meadow flowers. Close your eyes, and listen to the breeze rustling the trees. You have all the time in the world. This is what a detox holiday is all about.

And Trentino has lots of ways to explore this kind of experience. You can listen to the sounds of the forest, learn to practise mindfulness, or walk barefoot in the cool water of a mountain stream. Up here, the most wonderful luxury is feeling good in the heart of nature.

Find out how.

Digital-detox holidays in Trentino

View from Rifugio Serot

Digital-detox weekend in the Valsugana

Roncegno Terme is the place to unplug and make time for yourself. Technology is a boon in our everyday lives, it’s true, but now and again we all feel the need to detach and touch base with ourselves. And what better way than to spend 3 days immersed in the peace of nature at the Serot mountain hut in the Lagorai mountains. Coach Alessio Carciofi will teach you digital-detox and mindfulness techniques to help you rediscover your inner harmony and establish a more conscious rapport with online life.

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Digital-detox holidays in Trentino

The benefits of beech trees

The whisper of footsteps in the Vallagarina

Breathe the forest air and listen to the sounds of nature in the Vallagarina woods. More than a mere hike, this is a deep dive into the dense beech woods, a guided walk to open your ears and mind to the language of the forest. A professional counsellor will lead the walk, on a gradual immersion in the sounds of the natural world. The aim? To reacquaint yourself with your sense of hearing and attune to the soundscapes all around.

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Digital-detox holidays in Trentino

A "bath in the woods"

Forest bathing in Paganella

Something’s in the air in the Parco del Respiro (“Breathe Park”) near the village of Fai della Paganella, and it’ll do you a world of good. This huge wood is full of spruce, pine, larch and especially beech trees that exude an abundance of beneficial natural substances called monoterpenes. Spring, when the leaves are in full cry, is the perfect time for a spot of forest bathing. To get the full benefit, you need to spend a few hours in a relaxed but focused state, immersing your body and all five sense in the sounds and fragrances of the woods, letting go of all external distractions. The beech and spruce are also said to release beneficial energy and enhance the electromagnetic quality of the air, so come and give them a hug! Dive into the green and inhale lungfuls of ionised air and life-giving essences: you’ll be amazed how good it feels.

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Digital-detox holidays in Trentino

The Belvedere gardens

Relax with views of the Pale di San Martino mountains

The new Enrica Belvedere gardens are open in Primiero San Martino di Castrozza, where a special relaxation area promises magnificent views of the Dolomites. Enjoy a variety of invigorating activities, with gym equipment, a yoga board and fitness trail – all just a short bike ride from the town centre.
Then relax at the solarium, the picnic area or the hanging viewing platform to savour the panorama to full breathtaking effect. This oasis of wellness also offers aqua therapy, aromatherapy, a Kneipp bath and multisensory experiences. Have fun now!

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Published on 28/05/2021