Holidaying Safely in Trentino: our ways of taking care of you

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Reclaim your time!

5 ideas to bring your rhythms back in line with nature

SUMMER 2020 - Slow down. Switch your smartphone off for a few days, and adapt your rhythms to those of the sun. Breathe the scent of fir and larch needles deep into your lungs. Close your eyes, and stop to listen to the music of the forest. Unhurriedly, as if a single moment could last for all eternity. This is what a detox holiday is all about.

In Trentino, there are lots of ways to enjoy an experience like this. For example, you can try yoga in a forest surrounded by mountains, or walk barefoot through the cool waters of a stream. These are just some of our detox offers, and you can find more below. In Trentino, you can allow yourself the luxury of natural well-being.


Dolomiti Natural Wellness

Waterfalls tumbling over rocks, wooden bridges over mountain brooks, green forests of fir trees, and the Brenta Dolomites ever-present in the background. An ideal place to stop and balance your chakras, following the eight itineraries of Campiglio Natural Wellness.


Open-air yoga, Lake Lavarone

A yoga session is the best way to start your day off on the right foot. Ideally, it should be done in the open air, immersed in a natural landscape surrounded by the scent of fresh grass, pure air, and the mountains. Like the environs of Lake Lavarone, for example.


Sensory walk, Val di Fiemme

The scent of trees in the fresh air, the music of the flowing streams, the caress of the soft grass below your feet or the rough touch of tree bark. The sensory walk at Bellamonte, in Val di Fiemme, is taken barefoot and with your eyes closed, in an attempt to reconnect with the earth.


Digital detox, Val di Non

Lake Tovel, the Sanctuary of San Romedio, the Novella River Park, the meadows of the Regole di Malosco: breathtakingly beautiful destinations in the heart of the Val di Non. A place where there is no Internet connection, and mobile phones have no signal. Here, a simple gesture such as tucking your smartphone away in a pocket of your rucksack is elevated to a gesture of care for your body and mind.

Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing

In Japanese, they use the term “shinrin-yoku”. In English, this might be translated as “forest bathing”. Walking through the woods, plunging your feet into a stream, strolling barefoot across a meadow... an experience that will help you to rediscover your natural balance, in the woods of Trentino.

Published on 28/05/2020