Get back in touch with yourself! A “detoxifying” summer holiday

6 relaxing experiences to help you get back in touch with nature

SUMMER 2019 – Slow down. Forget about your smartphone for a few days and let the sunlight set the pace. Breathe in the fresh air, infused with the scent of pine and larch. Close your eyes and listen to the forest’s melody. Taking it slow and stretching the moment, this is what a detox holiday is all about.

Here, between the Dolomites and Lake Garda, there are numerous experiences of this kind. For example, you can practice yoga in a forest of fir and larch, in the Stelvio National Park, or walk barefoot along the fresh waters of the Sarca river. These are just a couple of detox ideas, you’ll find more below. In Trentino it’s possible to keep tabs on your well-being while making the most of nature.


The woods, energy to be experienced

Eight appointments, in the amphitheatre of the Alpe Cimbra, to get back in touch with nature. Walk barefoot, feel the fresh grass, caress the meadows, hug the trees and then pull out your picnic rug and take a tasty break with cheese, bread, fresh fruit and maybe some local beer. This way both mind and body are reinvigorated and filled with energy.


Digital balance

Lake Tovel, the Sanctuary of San Romedio, the Novella fluvial park and the meadows of the Regole di Malosco. These are truly beautiful spots, in the heart of the Val di Non. Here there’s no internet connectivity, no mobile phone coverage and a simple gesture, like putting your phone back into your backpack, becomes a beneficial act for both mind and body.


Dolomiti natural wellness

Eight regenerating activities within the uncontaminated natural surroundings of the Brenta Dolomites, not far from Madonna di Campiglio. There’s the Barefoot Trial, the Kneipp course in the fresh waters of the Sarca river or the Silence Room for yoga sessions. And then of course there’s tree-hugging, truly therapeutical.


Yoga in the park

Find your equilibrium as you practice a series of yoga postures, immersed in the fir and larch forests of the Stelvio National Park. The activity is organised by the Thermal baths of Rabbi so you can also take advantage of the wellness treatments on offer there, based on hay, milk and thermal water.


Massages in nature

Stretch out on the lavender-scented massage table and let yourself be pampered by Debora, the owner of the “Agritur Il Ritorno” farmhouse. Her Spa is immersed in the silence and scents of the woods and offers a unique view across the Brenta Dolomites. Among the treatments on offer, try the flower massage, which gives you a sense of lightness and revitalises the body.


A dip in the woods

Immerse yourself in the woods, take a deep breath, listen to the sounds and simply get back in touch with nature. The benefits of “forest bathing” are numerous: it reduces stress, bolsters the immune system and regulates your heartbeat. Three good reasons for a Saturday stroll through the woods of the Vigolana.

Published on 16/05/2019