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8 wellness itineraries at the feet of the Dolomites

Barefoot walks, and yoga in the woods: rediscover your natural equilibrium

Imagine walking barefoot through a mountain meadow on a bright summer day. Feel the grass gently caressing you while your gaze is lost in the wonderful scenery of the Dolomites. Imagine immersing your feet in the fresh water of a stream, listening to the sound of its flowing among the rocks. Imagine embracing a tree, inhaling its scent and absorbing its strength.

Now stop imagining. All this is real and it’s a lot closer than you might think.

8 wellness itineraries at the feet of the Dolomites

Just go to Pinzolo, a small town not far from Madonna di Campiglio, at the feet of the Brenta Dolomites in Trentino. Once you’ve arrived you can check out the map with the eight itineraries of the “Dolomiti Natural Wellness” initiative. These barefoot trails combine the authenticity of this natural environment with activities such as yoga, meditation and breathing exercises.

8 wellness itineraries at the feet of the Dolomites

These itineraries aren’t all the same. Each offers different distances, climbs and wellness activities giving you the chance to choose the one that suits you best. There are also family-friendly trails and itineraries for more sedentary or overweight walkers.

You can follow the trails on your own, using the sign posts and info points or maybe hire the help of a wellness trainer, available only for certain trails and on given days.

Enjoy the trails proposed 

If you happen to choose the right day you’ll get the chance to participate in a series of organised activities: from meditation sessions at the base of a waterfall, to baths of sound with Tibetan bells. Specific activities for younger walkers are also available along with extraordinary events relating to yoga, meditation and culture.
8 wellness itineraries at the feet of the Dolomites

These itineraries propose a series of diverse experiences that must be tried as you walk along. From barefoot walks along specific trails - covered with pinecones, leaves, pine needles or stones -  to threading barefoot through the waters of the Sarca torrent, fantastic for mental well-being and the immune system.

There are also “silence rooms” hidden amongst the trees not to mention Shiatzu massages, yoga sessions, breathing exercises and invigorating walks across the gently rolling landscape. Great for getting yourself into shape!

Ready for wellness?

Ready for wellness?

Published on 18.03.2019