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More time for your gastronomic pleasures

A passion for food and carefully selected ingredients, here are the “Slow Food” restaurants in Trentino

In Trentino some dishes are enjoyed not only by the palate but by the mind. This is a cuisine based on passion and informed choices. Every flavour has a story, all you have to do is listen. Indeed, when you sit at a table in a slow food restaurant, you’re not only there to eat but also to appreciate the creativity and constant commitment of those who value the art of eating.

Local products, menus that change and adapt to the seasons, special attention to the environment, traditional dishes prepared with imagination, and regard to the latest dietary needs: this is what you find in Trentino’s slow food restaurants.

Sit at the table, take your time and… enjoy your meal!

Ristorante Castel Pietra “La Pajara”

Via Venezia 28, Transacqua di Primiero - Ph: +39 0439 763171

This elegant restaurant is set in Transacqua, in the heart of the Dolomites. Besides giving the gourmet treatment to traditional recipes, from fillet of venison to the carne fumada (smoked meat) and to porcini mushrooms, the menu includes both freshwater and sea fish. Here are some examples: potato gnocchi prepared with smoked ricotta from Primiero, venison fillet wrapped in speck ham, salted macarons with blueberries and apple. Feeling hungry?

Ristorante Nerina Malgolo

Via Degasperi 31, Malgolo - Ph: +39 0463 510111

The restaurant of the Nerina hotel in Malgolo, Val di Non is meticulously managed by the Di Nuzzo family. The kitchen only uses ingredients of the finest quality and both local and Italian dishes are served alongside a range of wines from both Trentino and other parts of Italy. The cured meats and cheeses are local delicacies such as the Mortandela of the Val di Non or the Casolet cheese from the Val di Sole. On offer: marinated Arctic char on a salad of orange and fennel, potato and leek ravioli with smoked ricotta, beef with anchovies…

Osteria Storica Morelli

Piazza Petrini 1,  Canezza di Pergine - Ph: +39 0461 509504

Not far from Trento, in Pergine, a tavern with a long history that offers high quality local cuisine. Ingredients are locally sourced; many delicacies are prepared in-house, from fruit juices to syrups, and fruit and vegetables come from the orchard. Here are a few dishes on the menu: sarde in soar (sweet sardines), tench with potato puree, smoked Arctic char, casunzei pasta all’Ampezzana, cheese from sheep and goat farmers, mostarda, honey and fruit bread.

Ristorante Miola

Località Miola 1, Predazzo - Ph: +39 0462 501924

Nestled amongst the mountains of the Val di Fiemme, the Miola Restaurant in Predazzo truly represents local traditions. The menu is centred around local products, homemade pasta, and delicacies found along the Cheese Trail of the Dolomites. Here’s a sample of the menu: Tomino cheese with red Italian chicory and pistachio cream, gnocchi of polenta with rabbit sauce and Casolet cheese, Felicetti Kamut pasta with freshwater shrimp and nettle pesto, trout fillet in a hazelnut crust, roe deer stew.

Locanda delle Tre Chiavi

Via Vannetti 8, Isera - Ph: +39 0464 423721

In Isera, dine under the stone arches or have lunch in the sun in the characteristic inner courtyard. Besides offering a menu based on locally-sourced ingredients, here you can also get your hands on some rare delicacies such as Trentino chili peppers and saffron. Try the fish from the surrounding rivers and lakes, from the delicate Arctic char to the more unusual pike and tench. Tradition is also important: spare ribs, sauerkraut, polenta from Storo, tasty burgers made with carne salada.

Rifugio Maranza

Strada per Maranza 23, Trento - Ph: +39 0461 1862998

A few kilometres from Trento you’ll find this characteristic stone and wood building: surrounded by the forest. The manager Paolo offers guests a range of Trentino specialities, organic products, fair trade foods and vegetarian dishes. Not to be missed: local cured meats and salamis served with Paolo’s home-made pickled vegetables, marinated white cabbage with flakes of seasoned Vezzena cheese, maltagliati pasta with a pesto of forest herbs, walnuts from Bleggio and cherry tomato confit. Come and discover the rest of the menu!

Published on 22.05.2019