All the flavours of Trentino

A rich variety of delicacies, combining Alpine tradition with Italian taste

Agriculture, mountain livestock, and cold, oxygen-rich waters: these are the common denominators of the environment where Trentino’s local products have their origins. Although our territory is small in area, it has a vast variety of microclimates and lands, and has always been a bridge between Europe and the Mediterranean. This role of intermediary can also be found in its dishes.

Trentino’s food culture springs from the fusion of a cultural heritage which absorbs and preserves the traditions and knowledge of the Alpine valleys with other influences, giving rise to unique fragrances and flavours.

A winning combination of authenticity and quality lies at the heart of local culinary production. Particularly in small craft industries, this production has been able to embrace innovation while preserving knowledge and recipes, handing them down through the generations, never failing to safeguard the environment and the countryside which are such integral parts of the process.

Food and wine - Products of Trentino

Handed down through generations

From its highest mountain pastures to the lowest shores of Lake Garda, Trentino boasts the ideal environmental conditions to stuff a picnic hamper with a wide and varied range of healthy products, grown in unspoilt environments, which go on to form the ingredients in dishes where the flavours of its lands and waters are instantly recognisable.

It is said that we are what we eat, and what we eat enriches us with the values of the land where it was produced. We don’t just enjoy the scents and tastes of our meals, we also find nourishing and organoleptic properties in them, which are all the greater when the original ingredients come from protected environments. And if we look even closer at a dish, we can detect not only the passion and hard work of the chef, but also the dedication, commitment and history of those who guarantee the wholesomeness of the raw ingredients.

Food and wine - Products of Trentino

Authenticity and quality

Trout and char from the streams and lakes of the mountains, officinal and aromatic plants from high-up pastures, PDO Garda Trentino extra-virgin olive oil, the apples of the Val di Non and Val di Sole, vegetables grown organically in Val di Gresta and vitamin-rich berries: these are just some of the delicacies which the devoted efforts of humans have won from nature in these fields.

Milk is brought to mountain cottages and little dairies to be made into butter, yoghurt and incomparable cheeses, incorporating ancient wisdom with the scent of the mountain pastures. Meanwhile, the secrets of ancient recipes are put to use in preparing delicious cold cuts and flavourful meats on farms and in the many craft butchers.


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Published on 29/11/2023