Food festivals

Discover Trentino’s food and wine events this autumn

AUTUMN 2023 - Every season has its charm. Autumn, for example, has the bright colours of nature changing and many different flavours to try. The best way to do so is to flip through the rich programme of initiatives between September and November that fill the city and town squares with life, among the fields and palaces.

Harvesting moves forward in the vineyards and is even over in some cases, while tasty apples are still being picked in the apple orchards and chestnuts glisten as they emerge from their husks. In the meantime, the small towns and hillsides come alive with festivals where seasonal products take on a leading role and are prepared according to tradition — food and wine specialities from a territory that renews its connection with the land and nature every year.

If you are looking for a weekend of good food, we have prepared a selection of events you will not want to miss. Discover them all and treat yourself.

Celebrating the cheeses of Trentino

A treat for true cheese lovers… or a chance to become one! Mountain cheeses are a point of pride throughout the valley. In autumn, when the shepherds descend from the mountain pastures, there are no shortage of opportunities to transform tastings into full-blown food festivals.

The polenta fair

The secret to making good polenta is patience, and plenty of practice! Come and learn the secrets of our finest polenta-makers as they gather in the town square: even in Trentino, it’s a rare opportunity. Some lucky spectators may even get the chance to try their hands at stirring with a trisa...

The chestnut festival

Fancy a stroll through centuries-old chestnut woods all ablaze in hues of yellow and orange, rewarded with the scent of chestnuts roasting in a red-hot grill? Why not add a glass of spiced and mulled young wine from Trentino?

Hands-on tastings

A tasting on top of the world, harvesting Garda olives, a trek with stops for tasty treats, or something else? If you’re looking for hands-on experiences where your efforts will be rewarded with fine flavours, this is the place for you!


Witnessing the shepherds return from the mountain pastures with their herds is an experience you must try at least once in your life — through preferably once for every single valley in Trentino! Traditional costumes, dances, music, games, rituals and plenty of food all add up to a spectacle like no other.

Fairs and festivals in the towns and valleys

Traditional farming celebrations are part of the local identity. Here, every tasting offers an opportunity to share in a lifestyle that has been conserved throughout the years thanks to the tireless work of those who never stopped celebrating it. Want to be a part of that?

Wine and grape festivals

Do you know about Trentino’s resistant grapevine varieties? Or the difference between a regular sparkling wine, and one from the mountains? Have you strolled among the dry-stone walls of the terraces of Val di Cembra? What are you waiting for? It’s autumn: the harvest season, the season of wine!

Published on 29/09/2023