Gourmet breaks in the Trentino autumn

Wandering through nature and culture

The pretext for a weekend away from home, for an unexpected holiday or even just for a trip out of town, perhaps a little further out than usual. Opportunities to be seized!

We have prepared for you extraordinary appointments with taste, which transform a palate experience into an adventure of exploration and beauty. Obviously, with Dolomites in view!

Autumn in Trentino is a celebration of colours so bright that they make you want to hold them in your hand, breathe them in and then get intoxicated with flavours.

What are you craving for next weekend?

Open oil mills

Together with grapes, olives also mark the coming of autumn. The fruits grow, and harvesting starts, which is hard work but also an occasion to gather and chat in the open air. And while daylight takes on golden hues, the mills start to press, and liquid gold starts flowing once again — the oil of Garda. Discover the work in our mills.

The month of taste

What is the tastiest month of the year? It is certainly October, at least on Lake Garda and its surroundings, thanks to a rich calendar of events intended to cater to the heart (and belly) of food lovers. From seasonal harvests to festivals, there is something for all tastes!

Published on 23/10/2023