"El Carneval de Valfloriana"

One of the oldest Carnivals in the Alps, with wood-masks and bright costumes

The "Carneval de Valfloriana" is a very traditional event. A long parade of characters with wooden masks wearing bright costumes walks from village to village to meet in the main square of Casatta.

To reach the destination they have to pass many "obstacles" and answer some difficult and satirical questions. This is the only way to pass from one village to the other, as in the past it was common to pay a toll to walk freely.

In Casatta the Carnival ends with dances, tricks, sweets an wine. The six kinds of characters are: Matòci, Arlecchini, Sonatori (music players), Bèla (beauty), Sposi, (husband and wife) and Paiàci (clowns), each with specific features.

The celebration ends at night with a masked ball.



“EL CARNEVAL DE VALFLORIANA” on Saturday, 2nd March:

10 a.m. – Sicina: meeting and start of the parade

12 p.m. – Moltalbiano: lunch with “polenta e luganeghe”

1 p.m. – Valle-Casanova: stop and refreshment with “orzetto”

2  p.m. – Dorà: stop and refreshment

3  p.m. – Villaggio: “Fortaie” a sweet typical dish of the Region

4  p.m. – stop in Barcatta

5 p.m. – Casatta: end of the parade with “canederli in brodo”

9 p.m. – Carnival Masque Ball: in the senior-room of Casatta, Matteo and Remo will play their accordions




22nd-24th february: “ARTISTS AT WORK TO CARVE THE TRADITION”.  During three days of sculpture in the small town named Villaggio, 5 sculptors, coordinated by the artist Egidio Petri, will create wooden statues representing our Carnival!

Friday 22nd February at 4 p.m.: mulled wine with the sculptors

Saturday 23rd February at 4 p.m.: Happy hour offered by the restaurants of Valfloriana

Sunday 24th February at 4 p.m.: mulled wine with the sculptors

The completed sculptures will be displayed along the villages of Valfloriana and can be admired on Saturday 2nd March  during the parade.


25th  February- 2nd March: “TASTE IN MASK”. Food festival waiting for the Carnival. In the restaurants of the valley, there will be the possibility to taste menus, special meals and dishes with a Carnival theme and maybe… you might find matoci, bele, paiaci, arlecchini or sonadori eating with you! We are waiting for you at:

Pizzeria 4 Venti, fraz. Pradel 6, Valfloriana; +39 0426.910260 or +39 334.6504369

El Volt de la Mara, fraz. Casanova 6, Valfloriana; +39 328.8660094 or +39 329.9098578

Maso Fiordibosco, fraz. Sicina 55, Valfloriana; +39 0462.910002

Maso Valfloriana, fraz. Barcatta 30, Valfloriana; +39 345.9590494

Bar Restaurant Pizzeria Villaggio, fraz. Villaggio 2, Valfloriana; +39 347.6690211 or +39 347.7277706

La Baita delle Fate, fraz. Dorà 48 Valfloriana; +39 345.9242863


Tuesday 5th March at 3 pm.: “El Carneval dei Popi”, senior-room in Casatta


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