Relax. You’re in the mountains now  

This summer, discover a world of taste, tradition and hospitality

Hospitality in the mountains
Hospitality in the mountains
Hospitality in the mountains

There’s no mistaking where you are. Our mountains have a powerful personality, and are home to long-cherished traditions, and you’ll soon get a sense of them as you explore our villages and valleys.

Landscape and traditions
In the mountains, life is lived at a more measured pace. So where better to leave behind the endless multi-tasking of modern life, and relax? A simple walk through an Alpine pasture is often enough to slow things down, and engender a powerful sense of well-being.

Local flavour – cheese
For an authentic taste of the mountains, you can’t beat our local cheeses. Many are made in dairies that are set in the midst of summer pastures, and are open to visitors: so you can go for a walk amidst the meadows first and then taste the product of all that lush green grass.

Local flavour – gourmet huts
A must for every visitor is a meal in one of our gourmet mountain huts. You’ll find them on almost every massif, and some have truly exceptional locations. You can stay the night in many of them too, with the lights of civilization twinkling in the valley below, and the mighty crags and cliffs of the mountains as your bedfellows. July and August are the prime times for a visit, but  you can sample their superb cooking and stay the night during the early weeks of autumn too.

Published on 06/06/2023