A taste of the mountains, mixed with sunshine

Here, the Mediterranean meets the Alps – with spectacular gastronomic results

Food and wine in Trentino
Food and wine in Trentino
Food and wine in Trentino

You’re going to love our food and wine. Trentino sits at the junction between two climates and several culinary traditions, and its cuisine is a melting pot of ingredients and methods.

So dinner here might include olive oil from the shores of Lake Garda, cheese from a mountain dairy, pasta, pizza, venison, and maybe some apple strudel made with an old Hapsburg recipe from Vienna. 

The wine’s sensational too. The hot days and cool nights of a Trentino summer are loved by many grape varieties - several of which were first cultivated in the Valle d’Adige.  No meal here is complete without a bottle of Trentodoc Spumante, Nosiola, Teroldego or Marzemino.

Delicious Food

Trentino’s chefs are lucky. They’ve got a huge range of ingredients to draw on - from both the mountains and the Med - as well as the culinary traditions of Italy, the Ladins and the Hapsburg empire. So it’s no wonder our region comes liberally sprinkled with gourmet restaurants. Keep an eye out for local specialities too – such as strangolapreti, a spinach and cheese gnocchi, whose name translates as ‘Priest Stranglers’…

Fine wines

Trentino is a fascinating place for wine-lovers. Here, several grapes are indigenous, and every hillside seems to endow its wines with a different characteristic. Most famous of the whites is the delicate and aromatic Nosiola, while our best native reds are the young and fruity Marzemino, and the robust and tangy Teroldego. We also make fabulous sparkling wine –Trentodoc Spumante – as well as Grappa and Vino Santo.

Published on 06/06/2023