Gluten-free in Trentino

If you have booked a vacation, don’t worry, because Trentino offers you the best of its typical cuisine even if you suffer from celiac disease

Celiac disease in Trentino

You are gluten-intolerant and you crave Trentino’s typical dishes? No fear! In Trentino the number of restaurants offering gluten-free menus is rising, and Trentino is ready to meet your needs. There are now many restaurants, pizzerias and hotels in Trentino who have created menus designed especially for you. You can enjoy the local and genuine flavours of Trentino cooking and of its most renowned specialties. If you are planning a hike or a mountain trek, you can look forward to resting at one of the many mountain huts and taste their traditional but gluten-free dishes. Throughout the territory there are also many bread shops and sweet shops that offer pizza, breads, cookies, cakes and traditional desserts  made with gluten-free ingredients.

Trentino has excellent surprises for vegetarians too. Trentino’s imaginative chefs have created innovative vegetarian recipes expertly made using the excellent local seasonal produce, such as the organic vegetables of Valle di Gresta, the yellow corn flour of Storo and local wild berries.