A room with a view

Spend a night in a world that’s usually reserved for mountain goats and golden eagles.

Alpine Huts and Refuges
Alpine Huts and Refuges

Nothing beats a day in the mountains spent hiking, biking or climbing. Well, actually one thing does: overnighting in a refuge afterwards. As everyone else heads back downhill, and returns to a world that’s just a little less beautiful, you get to stay at altitude, and watch the sun go down.

It’s a rare and precious moment – with the colours deepening, and silence settling over your moment of rapture. Then you can sit down to a big supper with people who love the mountains, just like you.

Not every refuge is the same, of course. Some pride themselves on their cooking. Others are known for their spectacular views. But wherever you go you’ll find the same easy, off-the-cuff hospitality, and the shared excitement that comes from spending a night in such a remote spot. These days, many refuges are staying open into September and October, too. So you can get up close to the mountains just as the seasons begin to turn.  

Published on 06/06/2023