Sports enthusiasts don’t stop at the shoreline

Sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, SUP: choose your sport at the lake!

How do you explain to someone with their feet firmly on the shore what it’s like to catch the wind in your sails? Or the sense of discovery when you come across hidden beaches and sand bars, standing on your board, paddle in hand? There you are, caught between the blues of the water and the sky, captivated by the silence of the mountains, whereas everyone else is far away, standing on their little beaches, watching.

For sports enthusiasts, lakes mean energy, adrenaline, challenges and emotion. A special bond is established between you and the lake which everyone else, lying on their beaches under the sun, will never truly grasp.

So, you’ve decided who’s side you’re on, now choose your sport for this summer.



Of course, when it comes to windsurfing too, we are inexorably blown back to Lake Garda thanks to the perfect wind patterns, the spectacular mountains and the excellent services. Remember though that there are many more lakes where you can go windsurfing. Maybe it’s time to find out about them!


Canoeing and kayaking

The ideal way to slip silently across the lakes of Trentino and maybe discover hidden beaches or unique panoramas that remain invisible from the shores. The lakes of Trentino are renowned for their mountain scenery and the experience of soaking it all in from a canoe or kayak is simply sublime.



Without doubt, when it comes to sailing, Lake Garda is the place to go. Every year, sailors come from across Europe arrive to catch the local Òra and Pelèr, the two prevailing winds that make these waters the perfect spot for this sport. Of course, it’s not the only lake, there are many more and you’ll find them here!



SUP or stand up paddle boarding is becoming increasingly popular as it combines the pleasures of a healthy and reinvigorating activity with a heightened sense of balance and coordination. In Trentino there are numerous lakes where you can practice this sport. Here you’ll find the best.

Water skiing

Water skiing

Well yes, you can also water ski on Lake Caldonazzo. It is the only place in Trentino where you can try this fascinating sport. If you enjoy experiencing a rush of adrenaline and would like to have a go at an out-of-the-ordinary sport, come and try the thrill of gliding over the lake waves!

Published on 06/06/2023