Sailing, passion and spirit of adventure on Trentino’s lakes

The thrill of skimming on the water wherever the wind takes you

Sailing is a timeless fascinating activity, even more so when the rule maker is the wind and not the engine: the excitement grows quickly when you are immersed in an extraordinary scenery. On Trentino’s lakes, sailing is at its best thanks to the favourable climate. The natural beauty of the landscape and the reliable wind currents, contribute to make this sport a rewarding experience, also thanks to the many well-appointed sailing clubs operating in the region. Sailing can be enjoyed all year round, thanks to the Ora del Garda that consistently delights beginners and experienced sailors.     

Lake Garda

It’s the largest lake in Italy, magnificent and captivating. On its northern corner, on Trentino’s soil, it never fails to provide consistent winds and enjoyment. A renowned paradise for water sports, it is often showground of prestigious regattas at international level.

Lake Ledro

It’s an ideal spot to start learning the ropes: safe for swimming and surrounded by a unique scenery, it affords a gentle breeze that rises every morning around 11 am. The sailing club runs courses for children, youths and for the whole family.

Lake Caldonazzo

A large stretch of water, only a few minutes from the city of Trento. Its safe water attracts many water sports offering a variety of activities suitable for everyone. There are a few sailing schools running courses for all abilities, in individual and group