Feel like a sailor on the high seas… or rather lakes

Lakes Garda, Ledro and Caldonazzo: something for everyone

Did you know that yachting was invented back in the 16th century as a means to fight pirates? The first “yachts” were simply quick, nimble and easily manoeuvrable sailing ships, capable of capturing the winds, making tight turns and thwarting the advance of pirate ships. Of course, today you’ll be hard pressed to find a pirate on the lakes of Trentino, but the passion for sailing has remained and that’s the reason why every year sailors from across Europe decide to come to the heart of the Italian Alps to unfurl their sails.

Of course, a favourite with sailors is Lake Garda, thanks to the Pelèr and Ora, the two winds that characterise these waters and make them perfect for important regattas. If on the other hand you wish to learn the basics you can pop over to Ledro, a less crowded lake nestled in a beautiful setting, or make your way to the lake of Caldonazzo, less than a half-hour drive from Trento. Choose the lake best suited to you!


Lake Garda

All sailing enthusiasts know about Lake Garda. Steady winds, fantastic infrastructure, a Mediterranean climate and a fresh and invigorating natural setting make this lake one of the more prestigious destinations for sailing aficionados. It also hosts numerous international regattas.


Lake Caldonazzo

Less than a half-hour drive from Trento, tis lake boasts a solid sailing tradition, thanks to the local yacht clubs that organise regattas and races at both national and international level and also provide sailors with instructors and facilities.


Lake Ledro

If it’s your first dip into the world of sport sailing, Ledro lake is probably your best option. This beautiful body of water, not far from Lake Garda, offers a range of courses for everyone: adults, juniors, children and entire families.

Published on 02/01/2024