SUP is not only good for your health

Paddle across lakes hemmed by mountains and find your inner balance

Some have chosen stand-up paddling (SUP) for the sense of freedom it offers, others maintain that skimming across a lake’s surface on a board is like walking on water. One thing is certain, stand up paddling is an activity that benefits both your body and soul. Keeping your balance on the board stimulates your quads, gluteal and abdominal muscles, whereas the act of paddling invigorates your triceps, biceps and shoulders.

The ideal approach to SUP is to find the right spot, as your surroundings also matter! That’s why mountain lakes, with their numerous little beaches, inlets and surrounding woodlands, provide such a sense of peace and well-being. Trentino of course has nearly 300 lakes, all beautiful, but we’ve selected the best for this sport.


Levico and Caldonazzo Lakes

Not far from Trento, these two neighbouring lakes are the ideal for those looking for a relaxing break. Surrounded by woods, both are perfect for SUP thanks to the magnificent scenery and the calm and clean waters which have been awarded the Blue Flag.


Garda Lake

The main destination in Trentino for water sports enthusiasts, this lake offers SUP aficionados a range of services and secret inlets to be discovered. To go paddling, you can either choose the calmer hours or test your balance when the Ora and Pelér winds blow across the lake.


Molveno Lake

How about exploring the “most beautiful lake in Italy” by SUP? No problem, this little lake, nestled amongst the Brenta Dolomites, was awarded this prestigious title again in 2019. Crystal-clear waters, splendid panoramas and excellent services. What more do you want?


Ledro Lake

Close to Lake Garda, this blue lake is simply calling out to be explored by stand-up paddling. If you take a look around, you can almost feel the breath of the woodlands and mountains and if you’re willing to explore the shoreline you’ll come across a prehistoric stilt-house settlement! Quite unexpected!

Published on 29/05/2024