5 food & wine trails in Trentino

Springtime is the perfect season for visiting the countryside and trying out its products

Through streets of old towns or along long silent country roads. On foot, by car or by bike. Alone, in company or with family or friends. Here are five tasty springtime itineraries that will take you on a road of discovery of Trentino’s local food and wines. Visit fruit orchards, vineyards and cellars, meet the producers and absorb the knowledge they impart. An experience for all your senses with fine wines, delicious dishes and an awe-inspiring panorama to enjoy and photograph.

Spring holidays in the Alps

Wine tour of the Borgo dei Pòsseri vineyards

Stroll amongst the vines of the Vallagarina valley. Armed with just a glass and a map, you can sip your wine in grassy clearings, or in the woods and farmhouses that helped produce it. It’s a cycle of emotions that sprouts from the earth itself, unfolds in the wine cellars and becomes a multisensory experience to be relished first-hand. 

Spring holidays in the Alps

A trail through apple orchards and castles

To visitors, the Val di Non presents itself as one vast orchard sprawled across a rolling countryside. It’s home to the only PDO apple in Italy. We suggest an itinerary through orchards and castles, to be enjoyed in springtime, when the apple blossoms dress the landscape in a candid bridal gown.

Spring holidays in the Alps

Nosiola trekking

Nosiola wine, which takes its name from the native vines of the Valle dei Laghi, must be enjoyed slowly. Therefore we recommend you take a slow-paced stroll through these vineyards and their pale grapes, and then onto any of the numerous cellars in the area where the ancient tradition of winemaking is passed on from father to son.

Tasty gems: “ciuiga”, walnuts and potatoes

Tasty gems: “ciuiga”, walnuts and potatoes

Discover the pleasures of a slow holiday in Comano Valle Salus by taking a walking tour of the three highlands of the valley, each with its own typical product: the walnuts of Bleggio, the potatoes of Lomaso and the “ciuiga” (a local sausage) of Banale. Along these three “Flavour Trails”, you can taste the natural beauty of this territory.

Asparagus, from the ground to the table

Asparagus, from the ground to the table

In spring, on the Rotaliana plain, the white asparagus of Zambana is celebrated with a series of experiences and events that allow visitors to discover the secrets of this vegetable, unique in its taste and texture and part of the Slow Food presidium. Follow the whole production line, from the fields to the harvest and from the kitchen to the dining table. 

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