When eating is an experience. To live immersed in nature

Many culinary and wine tasting offers to try in spring

SPRING 2024 - In the alleys of old Alpine villages or along silent country roads. On foot, by car or by bicycle. Alone, as a couple, with family or friends. Here are the tasty Trentino itineraries for spring, to discover local foods and wines.

Visit orchards, vineyards and cellars with us, to meet local producers and appreciate their genuine knowledge. An experience to be enjoyed with all senses, tasting precious wines, delicious dishes and breathtaking views to be memorialised.

Divin Nosiola Gravel Experience

A tasty bike ride, through lakes and vineyards, to discover castles and, above all, cellars. This tour of the cellars, to be covered by gravel bike, winds through the lakes of Toblino and Santa Massenza, and the Nosiola fields in Valle dei Laghi. An itinerary on two wheels to discover the countryside where vines are grown and which gives life to the famous Vino Santo.

Wine&Grappa Experience

What experience is the right for you? In Piana Rotaliana you can choose to visit cellars or distilleries, walk through vineyards immersed in nature, in the company of producers who can test your taster skills or teach them to you.

Kilometrozero UNESCO Bike Tour

A stage itinerary to do by bike in Valle delle Terme di Comano, traversing woods and meadows, fields and villages at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites. At each stage, you stop to taste delicacies prepared exclusively with locally grown ingredients. To be enjoyed alone or in the company of guides.

Giro del vino 50 wine tour

55 km and a 600-metre variance from the flat Piana Rotaliana to the gentle hills of Königsberg and the Avisian Hills for a pleasant experience in nature and culture. Foods and wines here can’t wait to refresh you!

Taste Routes

Select your trail and walk in Taste. The Apple Route, between the Noce Valleys, the Cheese Route on the crest of the Dolomites or the Wine Route, from Garda to the Dolomites passing through the Adige Valley. Each has its own itineraries. Hit the road and follow the clues we have left on the way for you.

Published on 08/02/2024