In Piana Rotaliana more than just a tasting

Every wine has its own story to tell

What would you say to setting off on a long journey? One that starts in the vineyard and ends up in a glass, and then sets off again before becoming a new emotion, maybe a more elusive one?

This is the journey the grape makes when it is still on the vine – and even earlier when it’s in the earth – before it travels from darkness to the surface. And look at the elements involved: water for cooling the vats; steel for making white wine; wood for ageing; cement for fermenting red wine; more wood for the submerged cap (want to know what that is?); and glass for maturing in the bottle. So if you’re a wine lover, you can now make this journey too.

Fasten your seat belt, book your ticket and hop on board! Destination: Destination: cellars, farms, distilleries, vineyards, where grapes become the ink of memory. Flagship company: Piana Rotaliana Königsberg, one of the oldest wine producing areas in the Alpine region. Travel agenda: a choice of art, culture and music, gamification, tradition and hiking.

Wine Top Experience: experience the world of wine

Experiences that enhance the taste of wine

You’ll walk through vineyards and along trails while listening to the story of the grapes in the wine you’ll be tasting with the winemakers. You'll sample the raw material, then go on to recognise the characteristics of the finished fermented products. And perhaps, even before you lift your glass, you’ll be able to sense those notes you’ll find in the tasting... You'll take home a personalised bottle, you'll savour wines paired with the foods that really enhance them and make for a heightened experience.

There are many and varied options: hiking, walks, workshops and even family treasure hunts. Each Piana Rotaliana winery involved in harvest has a surprise in store that will turn a Trentino wine tasting into a story to be experienced and retold.

Why? Because every wine has its own story to tell.

Still not got your ticket? Choose your seats now.


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Stay up to date on our wine experiences

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Published on 06/06/2023