Cycling through the vineyards

On the Giro Vino 50, discover “the most beautiful vineyard garden in Europe” on your bike

A bike tour through a landscape of vineyards and hills, stopping off at wineries and distilleries. Sounds good? First of all you have to reach the Piana Rotaliana, not far from Trento, and a place that journalist and geographer Cesare Battisti described as “the most beautiful vineyard garden in Europe”.

Amid this rolling stretch of vineyards, running over gentle hills, there is a tour that is not to be missed: known as the “Giro del Vino 50”, this is a cycling loop about 50 km in length, focused on the area’s wine and food culture.

On your bike, you ride through vineyards and villages, stopping off at wine cellars and distilleries, or at any one of the villages you come across. Our advice is to devote a whole day to this tour, allowing the time to enjoy the full experience of beauty and flavour.


Technical info

  • Total length: 55 km
  • Average time: 5 hours
  • Wineries along the route: around 50
  • Recommended time of year: spring, late summer and autumn
  • Level of difficulty: medium
Giro del Vino 50 | © Consorzio Turistico Piana Rotaliana Königsberg

How the route progresses and what you can see

The “Giro del Vino 50”, which starts in the village of Lavis and goes as far as Roverè della Luna, is divided into two loops: to the north there is the flatter, faster route, and to the south lies the more challenging one, containing some uphill stretches, but rewarding you with views from some beautiful vantage points.

The route uses existing cycle paths, low-traffic local roads and country paths through forests, vineyards and watercourses. It is technically undemanding and suitable for all bikes with tires of at least 32 mm, whether road, MTB, pedal or electric.

If we already had you at “cycling”, the wine and food aspect of the tour is going to make it irresistible!

Giro del Vino 50 | © Consorzio Turistico Piana Rotaliana Königsberg

A tour of wineries, restaurants and farms in the Piana Rotaliana

The Piana Rotaliana is home to many excellent products, such as Teroldego Rotaliano, the prince of Trentino wines, Nosiola, TrentoDoc, and the Asparago Bianco di Zambana.

You will find almost 50 wineries along the route, big and small, as well as restaurants and farms, where you can stretch your legs under the table after a good ride, tasting delicious local products prepared by local cooks and chefs.

Then there are villages, such as Lavis, where you can visit the Giardino dei Ciucioi, a unique hanging garden with a romantic and decadent charm. When you arrive at San Michele all’Adige, a must-see is the METS – San Michele Trentino Ethnographic Museum, one of the most important museums of popular culture and tradition in Italy and among the largest in the Alps, housed in an old Augustinian convent.

We recommend cycling the “Giro del Vino 50” in spring, when the vines are full of renewed life. Late summer is also a good option, when the thick vine leaves contain juicy, swollen grapes ready for harvest. Another special time is autumn, a time when the vines glow gold and red.

Il Giro del Vino 50

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Published on 06/06/2023