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Immerse yourself in nature and discover the beneficial properties of plants

Get in tune with the rhythm of nature

Imagine yourself strolling barefoot in a wood, or simply standing in silence listening to the music of the wind and breathing in the scent of resin on a path looping through dense groves of fir and larch trees. Imagine yourself reaching out to feel their rough bark, eyes closed to heighten your sense of touch. Breathe in deeply, filling your lungs well.

There are many studies confirming the benefits that contact with the natural world can offer our minds and bodies. All the better if such moments are shared with people we care about: stress and toxin levels seem to decrease rapidly and significantly, allowing us to rediscover a more relaxed rhythm. This allows us to strengthen our immune system, contributing to a decrease in blood pressure  and  depression.

This wisdom is well known to the Japanese; and it is no coincidence that their life expectancy is among the world’s highest. Since ancient times, their language and gestures have reflected the practice of shinrin-yoku, which translates into forest bathing.

This discipline teaches us how to benefit from activities which appear simple, such as a stroll through the woods, breathing in the essence of the trees and plants, which can have reinvigorating or relaxing effects depending on their nature.

The best time to practise this form of immersion in positive natural surroundings is summer, when many broad-leaved trees such as beech and birch trees are at the height of their bloom. The essences of coniferous trees, such as pines and firs, also have soothing benefits, particularly for the respiratory system. But during the whole year you can enjoy the relief of nature. And Trentino is the very place to try it out, as a region rich in biodiversity and wide-open, natural spaces, boasting over 1,000 trees per inhabitant.

For you next holiday, if you're seeking solace from the built-up stress and tension of recent months, a stroll through the woods of Trentino will turn out to be far more than a simple walk. Discover the beneficial effects by exploring our woods and meadows for yourself, or supported by the expertise and experience of the facilities most devoted to such activities, which will be able to offer you security and a warm welcome.

To help you in your research, we have picked out some of the most relaxed and beneficial options for you, which will support you in discovering the woods and nature, guaranteeing you a worry-free vacation.

Forest bathing in Fai della Paganella

A walk through the dense beech forest, in the Forest Bathing Park in Fai della Paganella, is certainly not to be missed.

You will find four easy, themed trails and can choose the route and duration depending on how much time you have available: The Sentiero dell’Otto – the Trail of Eight –, the Sentiero dei Belvedere – Belvedere Trail –, the Popolo dei Reti – the Trail of the Rhaetian People – and Acqua e Faggi – the Water and Beech Trail.

Here the air is a real panacea, because it is rich in monoterpenes and phytokids, the aromatic substances and essentials oils that are released by the leaves and bark of the beech trees: it is a veritable form of natural therapy.

Walk through this forest for at least two hours, breathe in its aromas deeply, and let the wonderful feeling of peace and tranquillity pervade your very being.