Pizza stars

The guide to the best pizzas in the country has recognised Trentino 11 times

You only need to catch the scent of pizza in the air to succumb to an irresistible craving. You take a glance, and there’s an instant feast before you. Whether round, served by the slice, on a paddle, fried, with or without tomato sauce, stuffed, made with strong or refined flour or otherwise, left to rise ever longer and more natural lengths of time, or even baked immediately – if you can’t wait, why not? That’s pizza! Universal and timeless, it has straddled fashions and generations without changing shape or colour, because its ingredients were perfect from the outset.

As you might imagine, in Trentino there are many places where you can order an excellent pizza. Today though, we would like to introduce you to the 11 pizzerias that have been recognised by the Guida Italia 50 Top Pizza 2022.

Are you intrigued to taste the excellence of our region? Here’s where you can it.

Bella ‘mbriana - 50 Top Pizza 2023

In the heart of Trento, next to San Marco Park with its centuries-old trees, chef Luigi Coppola’s pizzeria serves up its pizzas in a peaceful and relaxing location, just as its name promises: the Bella ’mbriana – from the Latin “meridiana” – is a guardian angel that protects the home, a symbol of the sun and the Mediterranean culture. The excellence of the service, the dough and the Neapolitan oven, as well as the quality of the ingredients, create a pizza that should be enjoyed slowly. To end on a high note, don’t miss the traditional Neapolitan sweets!

Via Livio Marchetti, 11, 38122 Trento
Tel. +39 334 105 8681

Acquaefarina - Excellent Pizzerias 2023

Dopo la riconferma dei “2 spicchi” Gambero Rosso per pizza, servizio e ambiente, Klaus Palumbo, Brand Ambassador in regione dell’Associazione “Verace Pizza Napoletana”, entra anche nelle eccellenze italiane di 50 Top Pizza. After years of research and planning, in 2017, Klaus, Neapolitan by birth but Trentino by choice and passion, made his dream come true by opening his own restaurant in Trento, behind the Castello del Buonconsiglio. Its airy, easy-to-digest, classic Neapolitan dough, and the quality of its PDO ingredients, make it truly exemplary. The fried pizzas are a must-try!

Via Torre D’Augusto, 25, 38122 Trento
Tel. +39 0461 148 5952

Pizzeria Da Albert - Excellent Pizzerias 2023

The young Alberto Pagliani has been synonymous with excellent pizza in Trento for many years. Positioned right the city centre, it immediately made a name for itself with its obsession for carefully chosen ingredients, which are expertly and meticulously combined in generous portions, in pursuit of a pizza that is more about the quality and sophistication of the ingredients than the number of options on the menu. The pizzeria has loyal clientèle that will never abandon it.

Via Giuseppe Verdi, 15, 38122 Trento
Tel. +39 0461 260094

Durer Risto Pizzeria – Excellent Pizzerias 2023

In the land of Italy’s most famous pyramids which are worth a visit in any season, in the Terra di Segonzano area, this restaurant will delight you bite after bite. Set in an extraordinary environment, with a level of attention to detail that makes it welcoming for every visitor. This is just as true of the pizzas, with their traditional, long-rising dough, where the ingredients, both local and PDO, offer colours and flavours designed to be remembered.

SP71, 68, 38047 Segonzano, TN
Tel. +39 348 051 5185

Pizzeria Excelsior - Excellent Pizzerias 2023

Michelin-starred Alessandro Gilmozzi is one of Italy’s most fascinating and well-known chefs. His restaurant in Cavalese in Val di Fiemme, housed in the ancient Palazzo Riccabona, has made him famous for using unusual ingredients from the forest. The same originality is found in his range of gourmet pizzas, made with stone-ground flour, left to rise for 72 hours, and with certified Trentino ingredients as well as other selected Italian delicacies. An especially light pizza not to be missed!

Strada Dolomites, 38033 Cavalese TN
Tel. +39 347 2134013

Lanterna Pizzeria & Brewpub – Excellent Pizzerias 2023

Alex Moser and his staff welcome you to the fantastic world of soft, light, mouth-watering pizzas. The dough is so airy that every Wednesday, and on a few special occasions, it is turned into a “pizzaburger” with 100% local meat, a menu option in addition to the pizzas with white flour doughs from the Trentino masters, or wholemeal Teff flour with pumpkin and sesame seeds, every one of them with a long rising time. The imaginative and sophisticated pairings include Trentino products and an excellent selection of craft beers.

Via Targa, 32, 38042 Baselga di Piné, TN
Tel. +39 329 6367856

La talpa 3.0 - Excellent Pizzerias 2023

In Miola di Piné, on the plateau of the same name, Matteo Ceschi inaugurated his interpretation of the new frontier of Neapolitan pizza: “Pizza a canotto”, originating from the creativity of a young generation of pizza makers from Caserta. In this highly hydrated pizza around the edges, the percentage of water to flour in the dough is pushed up to 80%. The result is a thick, fluffy crust that can be filled with ricotta. Between trying one “canotto” and another, the fried pizzas are also a must-try!

Via della Crós, 7, 38042 Baselga di Piné, TN
Tel. +39 0461 557202

Korallo Pizza & Drink - Excellent Pizzerias 2023

Ever since 2017, Bruno Costanzo’s pizza bases have received a host of awards, prizes and mentions. With his use of different flours kneaded in the classic Neapolitan tradition, or thinner, without ever compromising on digestibility, there is something for everyone. The flavour combinations can delight even the most demanding palates – Bruno’s imagination has a famed reputation for a reason! His “Babamisù” creation is not to be missed.

Via Venezia, 123, 38122 Trento
Tel. +39 0461 239143

Maso Limarò – Excellent Pizzerias 2023

An old restored farm where you breathe the scent of bread and home in a spectacular location nestled among the rocks. Here, in the Limarò canyon, bread making is an art. A selection of flours of different stone-ground grains and sourdough started for a biga leavening that lasts up to 3 days. The result is a crunchy and fragrant bread skillfully paired with products that are grown in-house, some raised free range while other in pastures, to be enjoyed with all 5 senses, none excluded.

Maso Limarò, 2, Sarche Di Madruzzo,TN Tel. +39 379 260 0592

Pineta – Excellent Pizzerias 2023

On the shores of Lake Caldonazzo, in the heart of Valsugana and its peaks, young Alessio Bailoni continues to win with his “Emotional catering”: “turn off your Wi-Fi, smile, joke, remember happy moments and, above all, engage with those who are with you. His pizzas, whether on the paddle or traditional, are prepared with doughs of fine and carefully selected flours: grains, hemp, soy, purple corn and ancient grains. The result is a pizza with an airy crust that melts in your mouth.

Via Pineta, 1, Caldonazzo – TN                Tel. +39 0461 437650

Ristorante Sud – Excellent Pizzerias 2023

In the historic centre of Riva del Garda, Ciro and Salvatore have brought the tradition of true Neapolitan pizza between the lake and the mountains. Here everything speaks of Naples with elegance and lightness which, in addition to bringing good humour, tickles your palate. The menu is not a book to read and the menu items tell of sought-after and selected ingredients from Italian DOP production. Tomatoes are crushed by hand, retaining the strength and sweetness of the sun, even when it comes to their colour.

Via Antonio Gazzoletti, 15, 38066 Riva                                                del Garda - TN                                     Tel. + 39 0464 661340

Published on 07/08/2023