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The most famous Apple Harvest Festival, in Casez (Sanzeno) on October 10th and 11th

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Pomaria: the traditional apple festival! Trentino and Val Non celebrates every year the apple harvest with a great event dedicated to the MELA DOP of Val di Non and to the local rural traditions.

Each year, on the second weekend of October, the main event in Val di Non is "POMARIA", the greatest apple festival that you can find in Italy. Pick the apples directly from the tree together with the farmer, learn to cook the classic Strudel and take it home with you, participate in many other fun and tasty moments which will amuse young and old alike.

During the apple harvest Val di Non becomes the undisputed realm of this juicy fruit for two days: it is possible to taste the different varieties of apples and their sweet derivatives, learn how to cook strudel, play and have fun in educational workshops and tastings . Next to the apple the event offers many other activities: representations of ancient crafts, music, food and wine stands of producers associated with the Apple Road (Strada della Mela), wine and local delicacies tastings.

Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the Valle di Non and di Sole valleys through long walks and guided hikes, taste the dishes of the local gastronomic tradition and the flavors of the past prepared by the most highly rated chefs of the Valli del Noce restaurants and farmhouses. 

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