It’s certainly true that mountain air stimulates your appetite

Mountain stories, flavours and recipes

How about exploring the Dolomites with us… starting with its cuisine? You can have a foretaste of the “Monti Pallidi” (“Pale Mountains”) by reading our stories that describe the more enticing aspects of the most famous mountains in the world.

Read them at your leisure, as you would savour a delectable dish. First you will relish the fresh taste of gin and tonic made with Val di Fiemme juniper berries, before moving on to flavourful “macafana” polenta, enriched with meat and cheese and accompanied by Val Rendena craft beer. We will also include a cake: perhaps a lovely, freshly baked cake of one of the many pastry shops in the Dolomites. Buon appetito!

Gilbach gin, imbued with mountain flavours

Juniper, elder and wild sloe berries, gathered in the Val di Fiemme woods. Here’s the secret of this gin with the refreshing flavour of the Dolomites. Discover our gin and tonic recipe.

“Scaccia-fame” (“hunger-killer”) polenta

A simple recipe, which however appeased the pangs of hunger of thousands of peasants here in Trentino. We will tell you about one of our typical dishes: “macafana polenta”. Have you already tasted it?

The Val Rendena beer-brewing twins

This is the story of two brothers who started making beer as a hobby and then discovered that they were great brewers! That’s how one of best-tasting Dolomite beers was created.

A tasty break

There’s nothing better than a sweet for a tasty break. Here are some of the best pastries you can find in the Dolomites: cakes, chocolates, cream puffs … yummy!

Published on 06/06/2023