Pastry shops at the foot of the Dolomites

Pastry shops not to be missed between one ski descent and the next!

After a day on the snow, there is nothing better than a nice cup of hot chocolate! Perhaps accompanied by a slice of strudel or a couple of homemade biscuits. Behind the preparation of all these confectionery products there are obviously quality natural ingredients, but there are above all interesting stories.

There are stories of shops that have been passed down from father to son, of families who are united by a great passion and of secrets… because every good confectioner has his or her own secrets that make his or her shops’ pastries special. That is why we are telling you the stories of these pastry shops in the Dolomites so, next time you come here, you already know where to stop for a tasty snack!

Pasticceria Simion - Fiera di Primiero

Francesco Simion produces marvellous pastries in his shop in Fiera di Primiero. Francesco, Giacomo’s son, is well known for his expertise in making pastries and craft confectionery products as well as bread-baking. Behind the bright counter, you will certainly see Francesco’s sister, Giovanna. She too loves her work and her smile, as well as her family’s products, will win you over.

You are really spoilt for choice here: meringues, cream puffs, “brutti ma buoni” cookies... Because it’s a fact that biscuits are like ripe, juicy cherries... you just can’t stop eating them. If you are passing by, stop here for a tasty break, though not before touring the area outside the town, which is amongst the most beautiful in Trentino, where the Pale di San Martino take centre stage. You will certainly not be disappointed! (Info: Pasticceria Simion – Piazza Luigi Negrelli 15, Fiera di Primiero)

Pastry shops at the foot of the Dolomites

"Well known for his expertise in making pastries and craft confectionery products"

La Casa del cioccolato - Madonna di Campiglio

Casa del Cioccolato is a heritage shop in Madonna di Campiglio. When it opened in 1935, the shop sold wool, but the owner, Mrs. Cesira Drighetti, was passionate about pastries and she increasingly devoted more space to chocolate products and decreased that for wool.

The current owners have transformed the shop into Casa del Cioccolato (Chocolate House) that everyone knows in Madonna di Campiglio. Hundreds of pralines of all flavours fill the large counter, while all around you there are all kinds of chocolate: milk, plain, gianduia, white and fruit-flavoured chocolate, in addition to those which are popular at the moment, flavoured with liqueurs and different types of grappa. (Info: Casa del Cioccolato – Piazza Righi, Madonna di Campiglio) 
After beautiful skiing, there is nothing better than passing by the Casa del Cioccolato to savour Giuseppe Fagiotto’s famous hot chocolate drink, composed of 3 different types of cocoa without milk. Light and very tasty.

Pastry shops at the foot of the Dolomites

"Hundreds of pralines of all flavours fill the large counter"

Cose Buone da Paolo - Cavalese 

Cose Buone da Paolo is a small family business, which since 1969 has been catering to the sweet tooth of the local inhabitants and tourists visiting Cavalese in Val di Fiemme, a valley in the Trentino Dolomites, by proposing traditional and innovative cakes and pastries.

Passing by the main street in Cavalese and peeping into the shop’s window, you will be enticed by the confectionery skills of Simone, who is continuing the family tradition that was handed down to him by Paolo Pasticcio, while he is creating his cakes and sweet delicacies.

Simone, besides proposing the great classics like krapfen (doughnuts) for an energy-boosting breakfast, the ever-present strudel and carrot cake, is famous for having recovered some ancient recipes that had almost been lost, for example the “Peta de casa”, a simple, traditional cake whose ingredients are stale bread, milk, eggs, apples, raisins and pine nuts.

Finally, the Torta di pane di segale e birra di Fiemme (a cake made with rye bread and Val di Fiemme beer), which once again underlines the strong link between tradition and the local territory. In this case, the distinctive characteristic is the craft beer produced by Stefano Gilmozzi, the brewmaster of the Birrificio di Fiemme of Daiano, which gives this cake a lingering flavour that is typical of the fruity Fleimbier pale lager. (Info: Pasticceria Cose Buone da Paolo – Piazza Scopoli 12, Cavalese)

Published on 06/06/2023