The Val Rendena beer-brewing twins

Don’t worry. You’re not drunk and you’re not seeing double.

They are the two brothers (twins), Claudio and Paolo Collini, who in 2012 decided to start their project to produce craft beer.

Since they were children, the two brothers helped their grandparents in implementing this fascinating yet demanding craft. This is because in the small Val Rendena, where weather conditions do not allow vine growing, in the past the beer brewing craft was widespread. They used locally-produced raw materials and worked in a simple way to obtain very special dark, full-flavoured beers.

It all started as a home hobby for the two brothers. Benefitting from what their grandparents had taught them, they began to produce “home-made” beers. However, given the enthusiasm and appreciation of those who tried their beers, they took heart and decided to venture into the new enterprise.
Although the Collini brothers are young, they already have very clear ideas!

They do not want to create an ordinary beer, but rather a good beer, in keeping with tradition.

To make a good beer, you must start by using quality raw materials, however the expertise of putting the ingredients together skilfully is extremely important in order to achieve an excellent product. It is only by following the crafting of the product in every single phase that you increasingly acquire precious experience and manage to implement small, new improvements, which together produce a savoury product.

Craft Beer of the Dolomites

"Locally-produced raw materials and worked in a simple way to obtain very special dark, full-flavoured beers"

Today, honouring the recipe handed down from one generation to the next, they produce 4 types of beers:


Lager Vienna - Dark Lager

A bottom-fermented beer brewed following the European “Dark Lager” style, using 100% Vienna malt, which is more toasted than normal light-coloured malt. This beer can be paired with savoury foods such as cheese and well-seasoned cold meats or smoked meats.

Helles Tradition – Hell

A bottom-fermented lager beer produced according to the Bavarian “Hell” style. A widely used beer.

Weizenbier – Weizen

A traditional top-fermented wheat beer produced according to the “Bayrische Weizen” classification. A beer with a sediment at the bottom of the bottle due to bottle re-fermentation. A classic beer to drink with a good pizza or delicately flavoured dishes.

Bira da l'Ors

A special beer crafted using ancient local recipes, produced with prized types of barley malt and superior quality hops that give this product its distinctive characteristics. A beer to be drunk during meals, which satisfies fastidious palates, to pair with savoury dishes, especially meat, game or mature cheeses.



Brewery and store:
Via del Martalac’, 1
Telephone: +39 0465 503337 – Mobile: +39 328 5989003
Store opening hours:
from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 15:30 to 18:00.

Published on 06/06/2023