Gilbach: the mountain-flavoured gin

From the woods of Val di Fiemme the ingredients at zero km for the Trentino gin

In 2014, chef Alessandro Gilmozzi, the owner of the El Molin Restaurant in Cavalese, and his sous chef Andreas Bachmann had a hunch and they decided to make a gin infused with mountain flavours, using local natural ingredients. Following their brainwave, they started to forage the ingredients in the Val di Fiemme woods, experimented with them and later collaborated with the Pilzer di Faver Distillery. They then just had to choose a name: Gilbach, a combination of the chefs’ two names.

Gilbach: a gin imbued with flavours of the Dolomites

"Natural products of the woods: juniper, elderberry and wild sloe"

It is unique in that it uses natural ingredients that are hand-picked in the woods: juniper, elder and wild sloe berries. Gilbach gin shows nuances of plum, cherry, hazelnut and slight hints of lemon and sloe, but also has balsamic juniper, resin, aniseed and rosemary overtones. Well balanced, fine and lingering, with an aftertaste of fruity aromas.

We would recommend drinking it with not too sweet tonic water, some red berries and pepper, to taste. It is ideal both as an aperitif and to close the evening.


  • 5 cl Gilbach.Gin
  • 20 cl dry tonic water
  • 2 skinned blackberries
  • 1 ml pepper-flavoured herb tea
  • Lots of ice
Gilbach: a gin imbued with flavours of the Dolomites

The two creators of Gilbach.Gin: Alessandro Gilmozzi and Andreas Bachmann

Published on 06/06/2023