What’s the difference between hiking and trekking?

Find out, along with some ideas for hiking and trekking in Trentino.

Are you a trekking enthusiast or do you prefer hiking? The answer is simple, if you know the difference between these two activities. In Italy the English terms “hiking” and “trekking” are used almost interchangeably although, in reality, they’re not exactly synonyms.

What’s the difference between hiking and trekking?

What's hiking

If you’re planning a walk through meadows, woodlands and along mountain trails, for no more than a day, then you’ll be hiking. As far as experiences go it has nothing to envy other mountain activities although, besides the reduced time-scale of excursions, more focus is placed on the technical and sporting gesture of walking itself than the scenic component of the hike.

What's trekking

If, on the other hand, you consider yourself a true hill walker and are planning a multi-day trip with nights spent in mountain huts, bivouacs and tents and walking along mountain trails, ridges and gorges, then trekking is what’s for you. Indeed, the verb “to trek” calls to mind a long journey and “trekking” therefore refers to itineraries of several days. They are the ideal way to get back to the slow rhythms that only walking can offer and indeed, English speakers sometimes refer to this activity as “back-packing” which places more emphasis on the unhurried nature of such trips.

 Valli Giudicarie Centrali - Monte Cengledino - Malga Cengledino

In Trentino

It’s clear that the difference between “hiking” and “trekking” is actually quite subtle and depends essentially on the duration and the spirit with which you undertake the activity itself. Every year, hiking and trekking enthusiasts from across the world choose Trentino as their destination thanks to its unique landscapes, well-managed trails and quality services. Have a look at our proposals and start packing!

Lakeshores, woodlands, meadows, rocky outcrops with breaks in mountain farmsteads and dairies: Trentino offers countless trails that allow you to fully soak up the natural surroundings at your own pace. The routes we propose are suitable for all, young children included. They’re short and not too challenging and offer a truly enjoyable way to appreciate the beauty and biodiversity of Trentino.

If you haven’t tried it out yet, we strongly recommend you take a few days off and come to Trentino to try one of our renowned routes across the Dolomites: from the Brenta Dolomites up to the Val di Fassa and as far as the Pale di San Martino, benefiting from the hospitality offered by the mountain huts. Magnificent panoramas, clean air and starry skies: something to be experienced!

Hiking and trekking in Trentino

Hiking and trekking in Trentino

Published on 06/06/2023