Working and living by the lakes

Stories about what makes the lakes of Trentino special

From fishing and windsurfing to wine. We have gathered together the stories of some of the people who have made a key contribution to the development of tourism in the lakes of Trentino. It would be impossible to talk about the origins of windsurfing on Lake Garda without hearing Vasco Renna’s tale, and the same applies to Walter Arnoldo when it comes to the emergence of the Trentino Fishing project and fishing in the lakes of Valsugana.

Their experiences go hand in hand with the stories behind the development of tourism initiatives in the lakes of Trentino, such as canoeing, which is both a competitive sport and a way for nature lovers to discover the flora and fauna of Lake Caldonazzo. This tale in particular is told by Matteo Ciola, whose family has been running Lido di Caldonazzo for generations.

Then there are those who look down on the lake from above: Nicola Donini is a professional paragliding pilot who gets to savour the sight of the calm, peaceful water in Lake Molveno from up in the clouds.

One of the hottest sports around right now is wakeboarding, which you can try on two lakes in Trentino at present. It was brought to Lake Ledro by Davide Zanoni.

Finally, Marco Pisoni tells us about his winery near Lake Garda and the impact that the Ora wind has on wine production.


Vasco and Nicolò Renna

It is impossible to tell the tale of the origins and development of windsurfing on the Trentino shore of Lake Garda without also telling the story of Vasco Renna. Torbole was a little fishing village and sailing was considered an elite sport.


Fishing with Walter

Walter Arnoldo is the owner of the Hotel Sport in Levico. He was one of the first to see and believe in the lake’s potential for fishing tourism. Back in the 1960s, Walter’s father Aldo decided to make investments on the shore of Lake Levico.


The Pisoni Winery

Cousins Marco and Stefano represent the fourth generation at the helm of the Pisoni winery. Theirs is a story of dedication, hard work and great wine, which their family has been making in the Valle di Cavedine since 1852.


Canoeing with Matteo

Matteo Ciola has been running Lido di Caldonazzo since 1997. He has always believed in Lake Caldonazzo’s potential as a location for sport and he has invested personally in competitive canoeing projects.


Wakeboarding in Ledro

You do not need to be a highly trained athlete to enjoy wakeboarding: a fun, eco-friendly sport that is accessible to everyone. 29-year-old Davide Zanoni from Trentino brought the activity to Lake Ledro in 2018.


Paragliding with Nicola

Nicola Donini followed in his father’s footsteps and won the Italian paragliding championships when he was just 17 years old. When he is not training or competing, he now takes people flying through the sky above Lake Molveno and the Brenta Dolomites.



Matteo Anesi and the lakes of Piné

He was just 21 years old when, to thunderous applause and tears of joy, he crossed the finishing line at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, winning an Olympic gold medal in the team pursuit event. “I was young, I couldn’t fully grasp what we had accomplished, but it was incredibly emotional”, explains Matteo Anesi, the speed skating champion from Baselga di Pinè.

Published on 06/06/2023