Caldonazzo, a lake that is well suited for canoeing

Matteo Ciola, President of the Circolo Nautico Caldonazzo (Boat Club), tells us about this activity for athletes and enthusiasts

Its still, clear waters and the low wind environment make the Caldonazzo lake ideal for canoeing and rowing. “From a canoe you can admire flowers and animals that you cannot see when you are on dry land”, explains Matteo Ciola, the owner of the Lido di Caldonazzo Hotel and President of the Circolo Nautico Caldonazzo.

“You can watch mallards (Germano), grey herons (Airone Cenerino), little bitterns (Tarabusino) and kingfishers (Martin Pescatore) while canoeing immersed in nature. In a certain point of the lake, natural tunnels ‒ comprising trees ‒ are created, which can be crossed with a canoe.”

Matteo, together with his mother Anna and his brother Enrico, has been running the Lido (lakeside beach) since 1997, and has always believed in the sporting vocation of Lake Caldonazzo, investing personally in projects devoted to competitions.

The Lido is one of the most historic sites in the area, dating back to 1940 when it was called “Casino Bagni”. “There was only one wooden cabin,” says Matteo, “and my grandfather, Antonio Menegoni, built the bar, the restaurant and the hotel, as well as the Lido that can accommodate up to 800 people. We have about a hundred Trentino seasonal guest subscribers.”

The Lido usually opens from April to October and off season it is home to sports tourism.


The lakes in Trentino: the story of Matteo and the Lido di Caldonazzo

"From a canoe you can admire flowers and animals you cannot see when you are on dry land."

Matteo is also a canoeing coach and president of the Circolo Nautico Caldonazzo, founded 30 years ago by Matteo's father and uncle. The club ‒ now a high-level canoeing centre, located directly on the lake ‒ has a well-quipped gym and two permanent water training courses. Sizeable investments have been made for the automated racing starting line.

Athletes of the Italian national team, as well as famous sportsmen and sportswomen such as Antonio Rossi, former Olympic and world champion and Josefa Idem, the German world and Olympic canoeing champion, come here to train.

For the last 10 years, Matteo, together with important institutions, has brought to Caldonazzo the Junior National Canoeing Finals, which every year early in September brings together 1200 athletes aged between 8 and 12 years from all over Italy.

Canoeing is not only a competitive sport, it is done by many tourists too. In fact, at the Lido you can rent canoes and explore the lake and its incredible nature, paddling at ease and safely.

Published on 06/06/2023