Lake Ledro focuses on wakeboarding

Davide Zanoni tells us about this activity on the water’s surface

An eco-friendly, fun sport that is suitable for everyone. You don't have to be a personal trainer to do wakeboarding; you must just be prepared to face new challenges and be a bit audacious. Of course, it’s hard work, but it’s also adrenaline-fuelled fun.

In 2018, Davide Zanoni, 29 years old and from Trentino, brought this sport to Lake Ledro. The facility is located in the Pur area, close to the famous Museo delle Palafitte (Museum of Pile Dwellings), a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

“My love for wakeboarding started 10 years ago in the small lakes around Verona, where I used to go with my friends. Over the years it has become a trendy sport, which you can do in disused quarries and dams used for sport fishing. I have toured Italy to do this sport.”

His passion for it then became job. In 2015 Davide became a wakeboarding instructor and, in the meantime, he has also become a kitesurfing instructor. “I started working as a kitesurfing instructor on Lake Garda, while in winter I worked in South Tyrol in a ski rental shop and serviced snowboards.” Davide is fascinated by everything related to keeping your balance and jumping around on a “board”.

The lakes in Trentino: The history of wakeboarding on Lake Ledro

"The sport does not pollute or alter the environment"

What is wakeboarding?

“It is a boarding activity that is a fusion between water skiing and snowboarding. It’s a fun, adrenaline-charged experience that everyone can enjoy, from 7 to over 60. Some people can already surf on water after only ten minutes.

Davide points out, “A system that can be removed and put back in three days has been installed on Lake Ledro. Thanks to a remote control on the lake shore, I adjust the speed of the system, according to the level of the person who is learning how to wakeboard. Basically, you climb on this special snowboard and you are towed on the water by a pulley, by an electric system, as if it were a ski lift.”

The sport does not pollute or alter the environment. “In fact, it is an electric powered system, so you don’t need any fuel and there are no boats or engines. Lake Ledro is an ideal place for this activity: its waters are calm and there is no wind. Wakeboarding does not require any wind. There are also World Wakeboarding Championships and the Italian Federation is working on making it become an Olympic sport.

The lakes in Trentino: The history of wakeboarding on Lake Ledro

Wakeboarding arrived on Lake Ledro in the summer of 2018

In August 2018, Davide was able to open the second Cable Wakeboarding System in Trentino; the first opened a few years ago on Lake Terlago. “We immediately received positive feedback in the area.” continues Davide, “Many youngsters from the Val di Ledro, but also from the nearby valleys, and tourists, such as Germans and Dutch, came here. We have also taught the children of the summer holiday centres. In a nutshell, in just a few years, we have achieved great results.

Anyone can do this exciting sport – it's really easy to get started. All necessary equipment is given to you at the “Be Wake System” centre: board, helmet, wetsuit and life jacket. After a short course, you immediately go out onto the lake water and start ...  surfing!"

Be Wake System

Be Wake System

Published on 06/06/2023