Catch more fish in autumn!

In Trentino, the fishing season carries on throughout autumn

The arrival of autumn surely doesn’t dampen your enthusiasm for fishing, especially in September and October when the sun may still shine, but the air is getting cooler and water temperatures begin to fall. Perfect conditions for a day on the lake or on a river bank.

With 2000 km of water courses and nearly 300 lakes, Trentino is the ideal destination for fishing enthusiasts, even in autumn. Trout fishing officially ends at the end of September but in a few designated spots you can still enjoy it until the end of October.

Find out where in this article.

Top autumn fishing spots

Discover the rivers and lakes where you can still fly your line in September and October: from torrente Sarca to the Noce, from river Avisio to the Chiese, plus the lakes of Toblino and Cavedine.

Pike Fishing

Did you know that autumn is the ideal season for pike fishing? In Trentino there are numerous catch & release angling sites to choose from!

Autumn fishing lodges

If you are looking for accommodations, there many solutions that make a pleasant stay. Hotels, agriturismo, lodges, all in convenient locations, offering facilities for all anglers’ needs.

Trentino Fishing Guides

Make the most of fishing in Trentino by joining a guided tour. The local guides will show you the best fishing spots and share their knowledge on native fish, techniques and the right equipment to use.

Published on 06/06/2023