Where to go fishing in Autumn

Here are the spots where the fishing seasons is prolonged beyond September

In almost all of Trentino the fishing season closes on September 30th, but if you still want to fish for trout and grayling you can still find some beautiful spots where the fishing season lasts until October or even November.

In western Trentino, for example, you can fish with artificial lures along almost the entire Sarca river and in the beautiful lakes of Toblino and Cavedine, right up until 31st October. Then there is the area of Trento and the Alto Chiese where no-kill fishing is allowed even up to the end of October. In short, there is no need to put your rods and reels away just yet!  



In the Giudicarie area, which is actually a renowned reference point in Italy for trout fishing, you can continue fishing in its rivers until October, where you can go fly or spinning fishing in the Sarca river under the Brenta Dolomites.


Val di Sole

Would you like to try fishing in a mountain lake in the Autumn? Well, in Val di Sole you can both in the little lake of Caprioli at Pellizzano, in the lake of Pian Palù, in Val di Pejo and in the Magik Lake, in Commezzadura. So, what are you waiting for?


Val di Fiemme

There is a new development this year in west Trentino, more specifically Val di Fiemme. On the Avisio river, there is a catch-and-release (no-kill) rule for fishing. Only dry fly fishing or nymph-fishing are permitted.


Basso Sarca

If you have a passion for panoramas as well as fishing then we highly recommend the Lake of Toblino. Here you can fish in crystal-clear waters while admiring the fairytale castle which was built in the 16th Century.


Trento - Piana Rotaliana

Just a short walk from the city of Trento, in the Piana Rotaliana, you can enjoy some wonderful fishing spots such as River Adige or at Mezzocorona in the Noce torrent; both excellent fishing spots for trout in October.

Published on 03/08/2023