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A day in the company of a Fishing Guide

Are you a fishing enthusiast or would you like to try this exciting sport? Book an outing with one of the Trentino fishing guides

Fishing and Trentino are a perfect combination: with its Alpine lakes, crystal-clear waters, impetuous streams and pristine natural surroundings, there is no better place for anyone wishing to try this fascinating activity. If you add the possibility of booking - with a single click - a guide that is an expert not only in fishing, but also in the territory... well, all that's left to do is put on your waders and fly to Trentino! 

Who are the Trentino Fishing Guides?

Trentino Fishing Guides

They are passionate and enthusiastic, but above all they know every single secret of the many lakes and rivers in Trentino. Eleven expert fishermen, with in-depth knowledge of the various fishing zones in the territory, from the Noce to the Adige, from the Avisio to the Brenta, from the Chiese to the Sarca.

They know several languages, practise all techniques (fly, spinning, and boat fishing), and each one brings their own baggage of personal and professional experience. During the day, they will show you the best fishing spots in Trentino, they will suggest the areas most suitable for your needs, they will give you useful information on the territory, on permits, on fish populations, on the most suitable techniques, and on equipment.

Trentino Fishing Guides

How do you contact them? Just consult the designated section on the Trentino Fishing website (link), select your preferred fishing technique and take a look at the profiles of the various matching guides. Choose the one that is the best match for your fishing needs. But be warned, their calendar is truly packed, so don't wait too long to book your outing with them. It will surely be unforgettable.

Find your guide!

Find your guide!

Published on 16/07/2021