The best sites for pike fishing

A thrilling challenge, perfect for this autumn

Pike fishing represents a special challenge for anglers. Indeed, to tackle these voracious freshwater predators you need skill and cold blood yet the satisfaction of finally catching a pike is simply unparalleled.

Pike fishing is possible almost all year round, but autumn is the ideal season, both for the number of fish and their size. In Trentino there are plenty of well-stocked lakes and streams, ideal for pike anglers who practice catch & release. Here we recommend a few, all easily reached by car.


Roncone lake

One of the better-known lakes of the Valle del Chiese, in the south-western part of Trentino, Roncone is located at 810 metres a.s.l., just downstream from the hamlet of the same name. In recent years it has become a reference point for pike fishing enthusiasts (only fly and spin fishing). You can get there by car and park just a short walk from the shore.


The small lake of Terlago

A small natural lake nestled near the town of Terlago, just 20 minutes from Trento by car. Located at an altitude of 416 metres, it’s rather shallow but very popular with anglers who come here for pike, perch, tench and chub. Pike fishing is permitted only with the use of artificial lures (fly, spin and cast fishing).


The “Fossa di Caldaro”

It’s not exactly a lake but rather an artificial waterway in the Rotaliana plain which connects Caldaro lake (in South Tyrol) to the Adige river. When it comes to angling sites in Trentino, the “fossa” (ditch) is rather unusual but has become a point of reference for many anglers thanks to its healthy and numerous fish populations, especially pike.

Published on 06/06/2023