6 soft experiences, to be enjoyed without skis

Experience the mountains in winter, to regenerate body and mind

Enjoying the mountains in winter, even without skis on, is an experience that restores your balance vis-à-vis the world. The cleanliness of the air, the scent of resin from the woods, the glow of the snow: in this setting it is easy to listen to one’s inner self, to search for oneself and to find a place to recharge.  No stress, no haste, just regenerate body and mind! 

But it’s not just the landscape around you. In Trentino, experiences also help you find yourself, free yourself from tiring work, deadlines and notifications. Pleasant moments, through woods and mountains, to feel at ease and forget everything else. Because it is in nature that you return to the basics, slow down your heartbeat and recharge your batteries. For body and mind.

For this reason, we have selected 6 experiences to live in nature without skis on and with the desire to look at the winter mountain holiday from another perspective.


On bridges

The relaxing creaking of boots trampling the fresh snow, crisp mountain air and snow-covered fir trees: there is nothing more regenerating than a walk in nature in winter, especially through the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Nature Park. If you set out along the Marciò trail, you can cross two very special bridges: a suspension bridge and a bridge with a clear bottom.


Barefoot in the snow

Breathe, sink your bare feet into the soft fresh snow, feel the bitter cold and then immerse them in warm water in a warm-cold Kneipp style foot bath that will make you discover pleasant wellness feelings. You can try this experience in the company of an expert at the Millegrobbe Farmstead, in the Alpe Cimbra, surrounded by centuries-old woods and snow-covered meadows.


Wildlife watching

Experience the beauty of observing nature in the wild. In Val di Sole, in the Stelvio National Park, a guide will take you to the places where you are most likely to spot deer, hares and foxes, and will reveal the secrets of the animals and plants in the park.

Dolomiti di Brenta - inverno | © Paolo Bisti - Luconi

Out in the cold

In Madonna di Campiglio, at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, the 'Dolomiti Natural Wellness' takes you into the nature of the Adamello Brenta Park to savor the silence of winter, the artistic forms of nature, the beauty of the cold and the life that hides among the trees.


A bath in the woods

Listen to the breath of the forest, immerse yourself in the vegetable vault built by branches and trunks, and touch the sturdy bark of a fir: the interaction between plants and human organism is called forest bathing, and it has a powerful positive effect on our immune and nervous systems. You can try it on the Paganella plateau, in the company of the holistic operators of Brentanima.


Enrosadira Time

Sunset in the Dolomites plays host to an extraordinary phenomenon known as the Enrosadira, when the mountains turn pink in a moment of true enchantment. To offer visitors the chance to witness this natural spectacle, San Martino di Castrozza hosts Enrosadira Time, a series of exclusive events where you can also sample local delicacies.

Published on 19/01/2024