Where to fish in Trentino

We recommend 7 wonderful locations for casting your line, from the fantastic mountain lakes of the Val di Sole to the bubbling torrents of the Valle del Chiese

Rivers, alpine lakes, rapids and mountain torrents: the waterways of Trentino offer enthusiasts rich, and above all, varied fishing spots. If you decide to come fishing in Trentino then you can decide whether to cast your line into the peaceful mountain lakes of the Val di Non or test the torrents of the Valle Giudicarie, perfect for fly fishing.

We recommend seven areas, all to be discovered, maybe in the company of a Trentino Fishing Guide, which bring anglers to the best fishing spots. You can find further information at www.trentinofishing.it.

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1. Val di Sole

The crystal clear torrents and the tranquil mountain lakes that reflect the peaks of the Brenta Dolomites, offer a relaxing and pleasant experience. With over 120km of waterways and 12 lakes populated by both marble and brown trout and Arctic char, the Val di Sole is the perfect location for anglers, so much so that in 2017 it hosted the Artificial Bait Shore Angling World Championship.


2. Val di Non

If you favour the peace and silence of mountain lakes then the Val di Non is the perfect place for you. The lakes of Tovel, Santa Giustina, Smeraldo or even the smaller lakes of Coredo and Tavon offer unique surroundings to help combine a relaxing fishing trip with the pleasure of a family-friendly holiday.


3. Val di Fiemme

Clean, clear waters, fresh air and the majestic backdrop of the Dolomites await you. In the Val di Fiemme, fly fishing enthusiasts can choose from kilometres of torrents and numerous mountain lakes. From the shores of the Avisio torrent to the Travignolo canyon, from the small mountain lakes of the Lagorai group to the reservoirs of Pezzé and Fortebuso.


4. Comano

The valley of Terme di Comano is the perfect destination to try out shore angling along rivers and lakes in the same waters that will host the World Fly Fishing Championships from the 17th to the 23rd of September 2018. Get the help of a Trentino fishing guide to find the best spots, from the sheer rock faces surrounding lake Nembia to the shores of the Sarca river.


5. Valli Giudicarie

The Giudicarie valley is an essential destination for all recreational fishing enthusiasts. Rivers, torrents and mountain lakes at the feet of the Brenta Dolomites for a total of over 300 km of clear waters, managed by the “Associazione Pescatori Dilettanti A.S.” (Amateur Anglers Association). The shores of the Sarca river will host the World Fly Fishing Championships in September.


6. Valle del Chiese

“Fresh streams and rich small mountain lakes – in the Valle del Chiese it is not uncommon to meet fishermen armed with fishing line and patience, along the paths that climb their way up to the streams and in gorges so narrow they look like canyons. There are so many spots for enthusiasts to choose from: from Condino to Pieve di Bono, on the Chiese river, to the small Lake Nudole, surrounded by nature.”


7. Vallagarina

South of Trento, the torrents that feed the Adige river (the second longest in Italy) offer fantastic spots for fly fishing thanks especially to abundant fish populations that include marble trout, brown trout and grayling. Here we recommend you also try out some of the nearby lakes such as Specchieri, Cei and the San Colombano reservoir.