The fresh tastes of summer in Trentino

Our simple recipes are wholesome and delicious

Summer days are brimming with joy: wide blue skies and sweet fresh air, the feeling of soaking up energy straight from the sun’s rays, and the refreshing breezes of flowing streams that provide relief from the heat!

Whether you choose to take a stroll in the woods, a trip to the lake for a healthy dip in its cool waters, or simply sit in the shade of a tree and lose yourself in the pages of a book, there are two things to bear in mind:

1) it’s important to get plenty of liquids and vitamins;
2) when is snack time?

To make it easy for you, we've brought together some sweet and fruit-packed recipes which combine great tastes with healthy helpings of vitamins, perfect for the season. The recipes aren’t complicated and you’ll love experimenting with them at home; or, if you prefer, wait till you get to Trentino to try the delicious results.

The fresh tastes of summer in Trentino

Sweet and fruit-packed recipes

The sweetness of the Elderflower

The common elder tree (Sambucus nigra L.) is widespread throughout all of Central Europe, and particularly thrives in damp environments like woods and riverbanks. Its herbal-medicinal properties have been known since ancient times, and its various parts — from the berries to the bark — contain many active ingredients. But it’s the flower we’re interested in: that cream-coloured, lacy bloom that provides an elegant contrast to the green of the leaves in the early days of summer. The flower is harvested and left to infuse to produce a delicious syrup, which is used as an alternative to sugar in mouth-watering desserts, as the basis for delicious aperitifs and, above all, to prepare thirst-quenching beverages — simply by diluting it in water and adding a few mint leaves, for example.

Here, you can find a recipe for making the syrup from fresh flowers, as well as other guides to using it in preparing exquisite desserts. You can even buy the syrup ready-made if you prefer, perhaps by ordering it from one of Trentino’s artisanal food shops.

Energy-packed berries

Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries: irresistible fruits, sweet and tart in the same bite, fresh and low in calories. They are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds: perfectly formed, and found in every hue and shade.
hey are particularly abundant during summer, and are an excellent way to add extra flavour and vitamins to snack times.

The fresh tastes of summer in Trentino

A feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds

In fact, that slightly tart taste of theirs is thanks to their high content of vitamin C, as well as other valuable vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron. Moreover, they have a wide range of uses in the kitchen: you can use berries to decorate cakes, letting your imagination run wild; create flavourful smoothies; or simply enjoy them as they are, with the hard part being not to eat them too quickly!

These recipes have varying levels of difficulty, but they can all act as excellent starting points for making delectable snacks and sweet treats.

Published on 27/11/2021