The small fruits of the Trentino summer

The recipes that recharge your day!

Ah, the summer days! Those with immense skies and gentle air, when the energy you feel comes directly from the heat of the sun and from the fresh breeze that go around and then return to let you breathe!

Whether you decide to go for a walk, go to the lake or just sit in the shade of a tree in search of adventure among the pages of a book, remember that:

1) it is important to replenish liquids and vitamins
2) in the mountains it is always time for a snack

For this reason, we have collected some simple and delicious recipes taking advantage of what nature offers us in this season.

Ready for the next adventure with berries in the bag?

Forest-scented crumble cake

Super fast, super easy and super good! The perfect dessert to prepare with your children and to which every adult cannot say no, especially if it is sprinkled with a few drops of Trentino grappa, as called for by tradition. How do you prepare blueberry jam at home? Cook the fresh blueberries in a saucepan for half an hour together with a quantity of sugar equal to half their weight, and the juice of a lemon.

Panna cotta with small fruits

Fresh Trentino milk to prepare a panna cotta that has nothing to envy to a cup of ice cream. If you don’t know how which fruit to use, here you can use them all. Strawberries, currants, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries. The more varieties there are, the more your cup will entice the palate. Don’t give up on the mint leaf, actually make sure that its scent blends well with the cream with every spoonful!

Lovers cookies

What makes them so special? The raspberry! The raspberry jam is a real gem. Amaranth colour, enchanting flavour, sweet but not too much, never to get boring. Pick your raspberries, leave them to macerate overnight with the juice of a lemon and sugar, more or less half the weight of the fruit. Then cook for an hour on very low heat, let it cool and fill your biscuits.

Buckwheat cake with cranberry jam

This mouthwatering cake could challenge you when you cut it horizontally, so before sticking the knife in, make sure the cake is cold. If you have harvested currants, prepare a juice that will be excellent as an accompaniment. Let the currants soak in water, more or less equal to half the weight of the berries, and lemon for one night. Then boil for a few minutes with sugar or honey, and pass the syrup through a sieve.

Trentino-style cheesecake

Prepare it the day before, so it compacts well, with very fresh Alpine ricotta; don’t count on having of it left over, it will be gone in no time! The success of this dessert lies in the choice of ingredients, simple but of high quality. You can garnish with the berries of your choice, different each time based on the ones you find, as long as they are sweetened with Trentino mountain honey.

Baked donuts

In Trentino the donut has been at home since 1700. You will find them of any size, in every place and with every type of filling. The traditional version bursts with jam and is baked. We propose this version, to be filled with wild berry jams. Pick the fruits you like, let them soak in water and lemon for one night and then cook them for an hour with sugar or honey. Your kids will be grateful!

Super fast raspberry cake

It’s not a cheesecake but it is just as delicious. It’s not a fruit tart but you can cover it with as many small fruits as you like. The result is a delicious vitamin-rich dessert to be prepared with very few ingredients. If you don’t have raspberry jam or had no time to prepare it with our suggestions from the previous recipes, you can replace it with honey and then an exaggerated dose of berries!

Ricotta cheese and berry jam cròfeni (pockets)

A sweet pocket, typical of many Trentino valleys, very popular in the Fiemme and Fassa valleys. The quintessence of palate lust for this light, summery version of a recipe that you can prepare with many different fillings, depending on the season. With blueberries or blackberries, these sweet pockets are perfect to amaze your guests, even for breakfast.

Published on 20/06/2023