What does spring taste like in Trentino?

Simple recipes and creative cuisine made with seasonal products

The season of reawakening from hibernation has an effect in the kitchen too: with days getting longer and temperatures warmer, we need something light, tasty, and full of energy! This is why we decided to bring all our best recommendations together so that you can prepare delicious recipes with Trentino in mind, in a celebration of the season’s healthiest products and flavours.

Making dishes from other culinary traditions or using products which may be a little out of the ordinary can be a great personal challenge, as well as an excellent way to take care of ourselves and the people we love. Not only that, but you can transform the experience into a journey, in search of lost flavours: perhaps those you encountered on holiday once, or tucked away with memories of food-laden tables on Sundays at your grandparents’ house.

Recipes for the spring

in search of lost flavours

Wild herbs

In spring, the fields fill up with the intense flavours of early produce, while tables are packed with colour and vitamins. And not just in vegetable gardens: meadows and pastures too become lush and green, and are the best places to gather edible wild herbs which can be used to cook dishes that evoke the rustic flavours of long ago. Here are a number of recipes, with varying levels of difficulty, which will enrich your table with the fragrant wild herbs that can be found in the meadows and sometimes even in farmers’ markets.

Carne Salada

If you want both taste and lightness, we’ve got one of the best ingredients around: it is our pleasure to introduce you to Carne Salada! Lean beef is expertly flavoured with salt and spices before being left to rest for a number of weeks. We can assure you that the result is exquisite! Whether it is cut thickly or thinly to be eaten cooked or raw, it combines the strong flavour of cold cuts with a low number of calories as well as an unrivalled tenderness. Here are a few ideas for ways you can serve it.

and finally...

... let’s round it all off with a little something sweet, reminding us of the sugary smells of the season in bloom.
With just a few ingredients and a little practice, you can make delicious desserts to finish off lunch in style, or tasty treats for daily breaks filled with goodness. You’re sure to be left licking your lips!

Published on 28/02/2022