What’s the true taste of spring in Trentino?

Simple, creative recipes for your kitchen using seasonal ingredients

To enjoy summer to the full, we all need energy, taste and lightness!

In springtime the fields are filled with the first flavourful fruits and dining tables are brimming with colours. The meadows and pastures full with edible wild plants, ideal for preparing dishes evocative of once-common flavours from our distant past. Below you’ll find a selection of tasty and healthy recipes to grace your dining table with the fragrant taste of wild plants.

We could not pass up the delicious Carne Salada! Lean beef, left to rest for weeks after being seasoned with spices and salt by skilled hands. The version here is one even kids will enjoy.

And for dessert? Choose from our tasty suggestions!

Focaccia with flowers and savory

Just mention springtime and it immediately conjures up snack breaks in meadows, joyous picnics and aperitifs enjoyed in the open air. To accompany fragrant cured meats, fresh cheeses, and alpine sow thistle from our valleys, but also great-tasting on its own, we propose this utterly perfect focaccia recipe!

Springtime muffins

Ever tried bear garlic? This recipe’s magic ingredient is a cleansing and purifying spring herb that grows in our meadows between April and June. Perfect on pasta, in savoury focacce, or used in omelettes, this light recipe is easy to prepare and absolutely divine!

Hop omelette roll

Each region has its own name for this fresh-tasting, tonifying and purifying plant to be found growing by rivers and amongst brambles and hedgerows. Own up now if you’ve never gathered them! In Trentino we call them bruscandoli. Ever tried them with speck ham and Trentingrana? A light recipe for preparing an oven-cooked omelette!

Ravioli with dandelions

This is an easy one! Dandelion are known as ‘the sunflowers of the meadows’. Commonly found throughout Italy, they're rich in fibre, provide a purify and draining action, and make an excellent filling for classic ravioli. Ricotta from an alpine dairy, Trentingrana, nutmeg: the perfect pairing. If you've never tried your hand at making fresh home-made pasta, trust our recipe. Perfect result guaranteed!

Cream soup of golden apple and flowers

Have you ever felt a healthy envy in seeing a plating done in a workmanlike manner? Well, this is your chance! You can decorate its surface as you like. Choose the flowers, the colors and then draw and compose your bouquet. An excellent velvety soup to be enjoyed at any temperature.

Trentino beefburgers

No list of recipes would be complete without carne salada! Delicious as a salami but superbly light and difficult to stop eating once you start! If you’ve already tried it pan-seared or sliced raw, try this version – that even kids will go crazy for. Perfect for an alfresco lunch, but ideal as a brunch.

Parfait with dandelion honey

What if honey, excellent as a purifier but also a decongestant, was also made by you? Is spring dandelion season or not? So go ahead. Collect 100 g of flowers, wash them and remove the green part. Boil them for at least 10 minutes in 300 ml of water and, if you like, some lemon. Leave to cool and pour into a container. Weigh the amount of liquid and add the same amount of sugar. Simmer until you reach your desired consistency.

Apple strudel with mountain flowers

Calendula, chamomile, dandelion, violets, primroses and, of course, apples! In Trentino, strudel is good all year round. We offer you a simple, light and very quick to prepare version, which will really bring spring to your plate at any time of the day.

Violet syrup

To accompany the meal, as a drink for a snack or for dessert. A super refreshing and fragrant syrup. To drink as it is, to dilute for a lighter flavor or to prepare dough for biscuits. With analgesic, decongestant and purifying properties for the skin.

Published on 06/06/2023