Spring breaks in Trentino

Enjoy a sunny break in the Alps: vast apple orchards in blossom, easy walks with breathtaking lake views, castles and Italian works of art...

The days get longer, a bright light colors the landscape, the air begins to get milder and milder ... the curtain rises on a show that, year after year, never ceases to amaze us:  the awakening of nature. In Trentino, this is a great show in several acts, each of which deserves to be experienced during your spring holidays.

Take advantage of Easter holidays or of a spring long weekend to regenerate yourself between nature and culture: you can ride your bike along the many cycle paths, or take a gentle walk through the apple orchards in bloom. Spring is also the best time to visit castles and villages, and to be surprised by Trentino fine wines and delicious food, best if tasted by the lake.

Are you ready for your sunny spring break?