Italian spring bank holidays: There are so many things to do in Trentino!

Take advantage of Easter and the Italian bank holidays of 25 April or 1 May to come and visit us

SPRING 2020 - the bank holidays of 25 April and 1 May are perfect opportunities to plan a trip to Trentino. Yes, because here spring is special: it has the scent of pure mountain air, blossoming apple orchards in the Val di Non and fir woods. It has the flavour of wholesome dishes to be enjoyed outdoors, perhaps on the lakeside. There are also a lot of things to do here, now that the days are longer.

You can go on your first mountain walks or visit villages and castles. You can organise a picnic on the lakefront or enjoy a family-friendly bike ride, not to mention the captivating events and festivals that enliven the region’s villages and valleys.

A holiday in this period of the year is a unique gift, which allows you to enjoy the tranquillity that still reigns in many places, poised between the winter season that has just finished and the summer season that is about to start. Take advantage of the breaks which this year’s calendar offers: Easter and the Italian bank holidays of 25 April (Liberation Day) and 1 May (Labour Day). Here are some ideas!

Spring bank holiday offers

Trentino offers you so many things to do and see, thrilling experiences, products to taste... So, what are you waiting for to organise your spring holidays or weekend getaway? We have put together all the offers of hotels, agritourism and B&B establishments for you. We look forward to seeing you!

Blossoms and spring festivals

White and pink cloaked Trentino! Take a walk amongst the apple trees to admire the fantastic views that nature has in store for us. In Val di Non and Valsugana you can participate in various events dedicated to blossoms, vegetable gardens and the awakening of nature.

How about a picnic? What a nice idea!

A beautiful green meadow, a blanket, a wicker basket and some tasty delicacies to eat. These are the ingredients for a fantastic spring picnic, on the lakefront or in the mountains. See all our tips on the best places to see and products to buy and take with you.

Some ideas for your holiday

Festivals and events to make your spring break in Trentino even better: ranging from cultural events, such as the Trento Film Festival, to events for sport-lovers, such as the Bike Festival al Garda (Garda Bike Festival), to events focused on Trentino wines...
Published on 16/01/2020